Wohlmuth Awards

Wohlmuth Awards are given annually to select volunteer staff members to recognize extraordinary dedication. The award is named for Paul Wohlmuth, who was a professor at the University of San Diego Law School. Already in the early 1990s, even before JURIST had begun, he was a champion of innovative thinking in the law. Later in the decade, he established the Institute of Law & Systems Research that was subsequently headed up by his partner Alice Anda and which provided JURIST’s first seed funds.

The 2021 recipients of JURIST’s Wohlmuth Awards are:

  • Akshita Tiwary
  • Alanah Lockwood
  • Alina Rizvi
  • Anne Bloomberg
  • Brianna Bell
  • Cassie Maas
  • Kirsten Williams
  • Khushali Mahajan
  • Muskan Yadav
  • Nadia Murray-Ragg
  • Sarah Kimball Stephenson
  • Timmy Miller
  • Tyler Gillett