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Supreme Court ruled on Chinese Exclusion Act

On March 28, 1898, the US Supreme Court ruled that a child born in the US to Chinese immigrants was a US citizen and could not be deported under the terms of the Chinese Exclusion Act.

Read US v. Wong Kim Ark and learn more about the Chinese Exclusion Act.

Thomas Hare born

On March 28, 1808, English Jurist Thomas Hare was born in the United Kingdom. After being admitted to the Bar in 1833, Hare became a campaigner for electoral reform. He created the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system of proportional representation used in many democratic countries today. He was also an early law reporter, recording important judicial decisions in The Hare Law Reports before there were was any official reporting of legal opinions in the U.K.

Read a biography of Thomas Hare and a description of the STV system from the Electoral Reform Society.