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Supreme Court rejects maritime piracy petitions
The US Supreme Court denied certiorari in two cases Tuesday that dealt with federal maritime piracy law . The court denied Dire v. United States [cert. petition, PDF; docket] and Said v. United States [cert. petition, PDF; docket], both decided in (More)
Federal judge rules US has jurisdiction over Somali pirates in murder trial
The Chief Judge for the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia ruled Friday that Somalia's territorial waters extend no more than 12 miles from shore, concluding that the US has jurisdiction to prosecute a band of pirates accused of (More)
UN Security Council condemns piracy off Somalia coast
The UN Security Council on Wednesday condemned [statement; press release] piracy and acts of armed robbery against vessels off the coast of Somalia. The Security Council urged the international community to develop a comprehensive response to disco (More)
Senior UN official calls for multi-dimensional approach to fighting maritime piracy
UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson on Monday stressed the need to address the causes of maritime piracy with a "multi-dimensional approach" . Addressing the UN Security Council, Eliasson noted three areas of concern that warrant immediate ac (More)
Germany court convicts 10 Somali pirates
The Hanseatic Higher Regional Court of Hamburg on Friday issued sentences for 10 Somalis who were involved in the hijacking the German freighter MS Taipan off the coast of Somalia two years ago. The defendants, ranging in age from 19–50, were (More)
Kenya appeals court allows jurisdiction over international piracy cases
An appeals court in Kenya ruled Thursday that Kenyan courts have jurisdiction to try international piracy suspects. The court's decision overturns a 2010 ruling which found that Kenya does not have jurisdiction outside of its national waters. The a (More)
Somali pirate negotiator sentenced to 12 life sentences
A judge for the US District Court Eastern District of Virginia on Monday sentenced a convicted Somali pirate negotiator to a dozen life sentences. Judge Robert Doumar sentenced Mohammad Shibin to serve 10 concurrent life sentences, two consecutive (More)
Federal judge releases accused Somali pirate
A judge for the US District Court for the District of Columbia released an accused Somali pirate Tuesday after prosecutors failed to produce sufficient evidence to proceed to trial. English-speaking Somali citizen Ali Mohamed Ali, 50, was scheduled (More)
International Maritime Bureau reports global piracy down by half in 2012
The International Chamber of Commerce International Maritime Bureau (IMB) on Monday reported that the number of global pirate attacks fell sharply in the first half of 2012. The IMB Piracy Reporting Centre (PRC) received reports of 177 incidents (More)
Federal appeals court rules on legal definition of piracy
The US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ruled Wednesday that the legal definition of maritime piracy includes an armed attack to hijack a ship, even if the attempt is unsuccessful. In one case, the court upheld the convictions and life sen (More)