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Somali pirates sentenced to life for death of US citizens
A judge for the US District Court Eastern District of Virginia on Friday sentenced Somali pirates Abukar Osman Beyle and Shani Nurani Shiekh Abrar to 21 life sentences for their role in the killing of four Americans aboard a yacht off the Horn of A (More)
Somali pirate sentenced to life for deaths of 4 US citizens
A judge for the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia on Tuesday sentenced Somali pirate Ahmed Muse Salad to life in prison without parole for his involvement in the deaths of four Americans off the coast of Africa. Salad was among (More)
Spain court convicts six Somali pirates for 2012 attack
A Spanish court on Wednesday convicted six men of piracy and sentenced one of them to 12-and-a-half years and the other to five to eight years in prison. The men, Mohamed Abdullah Hassan, Mohamed Aden Mohamed, Issa Abdullah Issa, Abdillahi Mohamed G (More)
Belgium authorities arrest accused Somali pirate leader
Belgian authorities announced on Monday that suspected Somali pirate leader Mohammed Abdi Hassan was detained by authorities at the Brussels Airport on Saturday. Thought to be responsible for numerous vessel hijackings, Belgian prosecutors have bee (More)
Accused Somali pirates on trial in France for 2009 hijacking
Three Somali pirates accused of hijacking a private yacht off the coast of Somalia in 2009 went on trial in France Monday. The situation garnered heavy media coverage after French special services attempted to rescue [Telegraph report] the three fre (More)
UN urges global intervention for Eastern Africa organized crime
The increasing organized crime in Eastern Africa (EA) must be tackled both within the region and the markets where illicit goods will be delivered, according to a report published Wednesday by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) . According t (More)
US jury recommends life sentences for Somali pirates
A jury for the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia recommended Friday that three Somali pirates convicted of murdering four Americans receive life in prison sentences. The attack, which took place in 2011 approximately 40 miles (More)
Somali pirates found guilty on murder and hijacking charges
A jury in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia on Monday convicted three Somali men of hijacking a boat and killing four Americans in 2011 off the coast of Somalia. The defendants, Ahmed Muse Salad, Abukar Osman Beyle and Shan (More)
African states adopt regional anti-piracy agreement
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday welcomed a regional agreement announced Wednesday to deter piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. The Summit of the Gulf of Guinea Heads of State and Government closed with the adoption of the International Mar (More)
UAE court upholds sentences for Somali pirates
The Abu Dhabi Federal Appeal Court on Monday upheld the sentences of 10 Somali pirates convicted of highjacking a UAE-owned bulk-carrier ship. In April 2011, the men reportedly commandeered the MV Arrilah-1 as it hauled aluminum in the Arabian Sea (More)