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UN SG: only way to prevent future genocide is to take responsibility now
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Monday that the only way to prevent future atrocities like the Rwandan genocide is to take shared responsibility and shared action to prevent them. Speaking at the General Assembly commemoration of the Interna (More)
Vojislav Šešelj's Acquittal at the ICTY: Law in an Alternate Universe
JURIST Guest Columnist Gregory S. Gordon of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law discusses the ICTY's acquittal of Vojislav Šešelj and the serious set-back it could represent for the development of international criminal law ... On Ma (More)
Rwanda ex-military officers convicted over comments criticizing government
The Military High Court of Kanombe in Rwanda on Thursday sentenced Colonel Tom Byabagamba and retired Brigadier General Frank Rusagara to 21 and 20 years in prison respectively on charges of inciting insurrection and tarnishing the government's imag (More)
President Kagame Can Preserve His Legacy by Retiring in 2017
JURIST Guest Columnist James Tugee of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law discusses how Rwandan President Paul Kagame can save his legacy by retiring, despite recent amendments extending his term limits... On December 18, 2015, Rwandans voted (More)
The Genocide Rhetoric in Burundi
JURIST Guest Columnist Pacifique Manirakiza of the University of Ottawa Law School discusses the debate surrounding what is going on in Burundi and proposes a different view... Burundi is undergoing a political and constitutional crisis. Following t (More)
2 Guantanamo detainees transferred to Ghana
Two Yemeni men captured in Afghanistan and detained at Guantanamo Bay for 14 years have been released to Ghana, officials said Wednesday. These two are among the 17 detainees scheduled for release this month . The men were suspected of training with (More)
Rwanda genocide tribunal formally closes
The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) formally closed Thursday after issuing 45 judgments. The ICTR, established in 1994, was the first international tribunal to deliver verdicts against those guilty of committing genocide. Within i (More)
Rwanda genocide suspect arrested
Interpol agents on Thursday announced the arrest of Rwandan genocide suspect, Ladislas Ntaganzwa, who had a USD $5 million bounty . Ntaganzwa, who was indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) for genocide and crimes again (More)
Rwanda Senate approves amendment allowing third presidential term
The Rwandan Senate unanimously voted on Tuesday to allow President Paul Kagame to seek a third term in office. This vote is a step in the ongoing process to amend the 2003 Constitution following a petition from the citizens. The Senate voted to r (More)
Rwanda lawmakers vote to extend Kagame's term past 2017
Rwanda's lower house of Parliament on Thursday voted to extend the term of President Paul Kagame beyond 2017, a move opposed by the UN and other aid providers. Already in his second term, Kagame may soon be provided an exception to the nation's co (More)