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Rehnquist's Legacy
JURIST Guest Columnist Craig Bradley, a former law clerk to the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist, says that Rehnquist's thirty-three year legal legacy is complex and must be examined from multiple perspectives... No one person can adequatel (More)
Roberts finishes preparations for confirmation hearings
US Supreme Court nominee Judge John Roberts [Wikipedia profile; JURIST news archive] has completed the last of ten practice sessions held to prepare him for his confirmation hearings, set to begin next week. The grueling sessions, which have been du (More)
Federal court rules Union Pacific must cover contraceptives in health plan
US District Judge for the District of Nebraska Laurie Smith Camp ruled Monday that Union Pacific Railroad discriminated against women by covering a range of preventive drugs, but not contraception, in its health care plan. Planned Parenthood supp (More)
Judge blocks South Dakota abortion law
US District Judge Karen Schreier Thursday granted a preliminary injunction blocking a controversial South Dakota law passed in March requiring abortion doctors to tell women that abortion ends the lives of "human beings", or face 30 days (More)
Reproductive rights groups challenge Florida parental consent law
The Center for Reproductive Rights [advocacy website; press release] and Planned Parenthood Federation of America [advocacy website; press release] have filed a federal suit claiming Florida's new Parental Notice of Abortion Act , taking effect (More)
Supreme Court to hear abortion case
The US Supreme Court said Monday it will decide an unsettled issue of abortion law: the standard to apply when judging the constitutionality of abortion restrictions. That issue and the issue of whether a health exception should exist for parental (More)
Supreme Court declines First Amendment and abortion cases
The Supreme Court today declined to hear Troy Publishing v. Norton (docket 04-979), letting stand a ruling that appears to limit Constitutional protection of the press. Without comment, the Court denied the appeal of a 2004 ruling by the Pennsylvan (More)