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Indonesia government tries to counter Muslim fears over new anti-terror laws
Muslim leaders and rights groups in Indonesia fear that plans to strengthen Indonesian anti-terror laws in the wake a of a second round of Bali bombings earlier this month will return the country to the days when former dictator Suharto used secu (More)
Philippine government may allow Muslims charter, tax rights
The Philippine government has agreed "in principle" to give southern Muslims the authority to develop their own tax system, build their own institutions, and write their own charter, according to a report in Thursday's Philippine Dai (More)
Myanmar will not seek ASEAN chair after objections to rights record
Myanmar's military-led government announced Sunday that it will not seek the rotating chairmanship of the regional Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) security organization as it was entitled to do. The announcement was made during A (More)
Malaysian lawmakers demand release of terror suspects held without trial
According to a report in Malaysia's News Straits Times , government and opposition politicians in Malaysia are pushing for the release of dozens of terror suspects, many suspected of ties to al-Qaeda, held without trial for the past two years. T (More)
International brief ~ Sudan bombs Darfur in violation of cease-fire
In Thursday's international brief, senior African Union officials are reporting that the Sudanese government bombed a Darfur village Wednesday, with NGO workers present for the first time to actually witness the explosions. The announcement c (More)
International brief ~ Southern Sudan worried about Muslim peacekeeping force
Leading Friday's international brief, a key member of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement , now the ruling party in Southern Sudan, has expressed concern about the makeup of the proposed UN peacekeeping force to be deployed in March. Den (More)
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