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FBI reports over 7400 hate crimes in 2003
The FBI announced Monday that over 7400 hate crime incidents were reported in 2003. The total, which includes 14 murders, is mostly made up of intimidation, vandalism, and property destruction. The nonprofit Southern Poverty Law Center indicates t (More)
International brief ~ UN Security Council travels to Africa for Sudan discussions
The UN Security Council arrives in Nairobi, Kenya on Tuesday in preparation for its official meetings on the peace process in Sudan on Thursday. The meeting marks only the fourth time that the UN Security Council has ever held official proceedings (More)
Crimes of Fallujah and the Continuation of Aggressive War
JURIST Contributing Editor Marjorie Cohn of Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego says that the massive US assault on Fallujah is but the latest instance of illegal American aggression in Iraq, undertaken with disregard for international treati (More)
Dutch parliament seeks limits on employment of imams
The Dutch parliament (official site in Dutch) Friday asked the government to draft laws restricting the employment of imams at Dutch mosques only to those who have studied Islam in the country. A vote on the new law was delayed after Justice Ministe (More)
Islamic charities shooting death liability ruling [US DC]
Stanley Boim v. Quranic Literacy Institute, et. al., United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Magistrate Judge Arlander Keys, November 10, 2004 . Read the full text of the opinion here . Reported in JURIST's Paper Cha (More)
Judge: Islamic charities liable in shooting death of American teen
Magistrate Judge Arlander Keys of the Northern District of Illinois found two US-based Islamic charities liable for damages Wednesday in the 1996 shooting death in Israel of an American teenager, David Boim. Keys held Texas-based Holy Land Foundatio (More)
Islamic judge rules Arafat must stay on life support
A senior Islamic judge ruled on Wednesday that Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat's life support system must not be switched off. Arafat is currently clinging to life in a Paris hospital. Burial preparations have already begun. Sheikh Taysir Tamim (More)
Iran to try nine Internet-based journalists
Iranian judiciary officials announced Tuesday that a group of pro-reform journalists will stand trial next week on charges of spreading propaganda against the Islamic government. The journalists, who wrote for Internet-based news organizations or ma (More)
Indonesian court throws out Bashir suit against magazine
An Indonesian court Tuesday threw out a $107 million lawsuit brought by Islamic cleric Abu Bakar Bashir (profile from BBC News) against Time magazine. Bashir filed suit against the magazine seeking for linking him to terrorism in a 2002 article on (More)
Pakistan high court upholds ban on wedding food
The Supreme Court of Pakistan ruled Friday against a recent government decision to allow newlyweds in the province of Punjab to serve food to wedding guests. The court held that the original ban against food service, imposed by the provincial gover (More)