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Saddam's defense lawyers preparing challenge in US courts, leaked papers show
Defense lawyers for Saddam Hussein are preparing legal challenges to his upcoming war crimes trial to be filed in US courts, according to leaked memos. The Sunday Times reported that a brief titled "The Iraqi Special Tribunal as Victors’ (More)
Russia "not free", concludes US rights group in annual report
US-based rights monitoring group Freedom House said Monday in its annual report on human rights conditions in countries around the world that Russia had dropped into the category of "not free" in the wake of various authoritarian moves thi (More)
BREAKING NEWS ~ Chilean appeals court upholds Pinochet human rights charges, house arrest
AP is reporting that a Chilean court has upheld the indictment and house arrest of former president General Augusto Pinochet on human rights charges, according to a judge's announcement. BBC News has background on the appeal. (More)
Investigative hearings for Saddam aides begin in Iraq
Iraqi judges Saturday began investigative pre-trial hearings for Sultan Hashim Ahmad, Saddam Hussein's last defense chief, and Ali Hassan al-Majid (Chemical Ali), another former defense minister. Saddam and eleven of his deputies face prosecuti (More)
Bush signs intelligence reform bill into law
President Bush signed the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 into law Friday, implementing a series of intelligence reforms recommended by the 9/11 Commission and authorizing the broadest re-working of the US intelligence stru (More)
Ruling on indefinite detention of foreign terror suspects [UK HL]
A and others v. Secretary of State for the Home Department, United Kingdom House of Lords, December 16, 2004 . Excerpt (from the judgement by Lord Nichols):Indefinite imprisonment without charge or trial is anathema in any country which observes the (More)
Froomkin [Miami]: UK's House of Lords Holds that Indefinite Detention Violates European Convention on Human Rights!
Michael Froomkin, University of Miami School of Law:"You know you are in trouble when the House of Lords is more protective of civil rights than the US court system: Law lords back terror detainees:Detaining foreigners without trial under emerge (More)
Pentagon says 130 charged or punished for prisoner abuse
A Pentagon spokeperson said Wednesday that 130 US troops from various branches of the service have been charged or punished by the military in connection with the abuse of prisoners at facilities in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay. More than 10 (More)
UK high court rules against indefinite detention of foreign terror suspects without charge
In the landmark ruling Thursday, an extraordinary nine-judge panel of the UK House of Lords, Britain's highest court, held that the indefinite detention of foreign terror suspects without charge by the British government was contrary to the Euro (More)
EU parliament votes to start accession talks with Turkey
The European Parliament in Strasbourg voted Wednesday to support the immediate start of European Commission talks with Turkey that could result in Turkey joining the European Union. The non-binding resolution passed 407-262. The MEPs did, however, i (More)