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US releases 80 Afghan detainees
The US Sunday released approximately 80 Afghan detainees from custody at Bagram airbase north of Kabul and delivered them to the Afghan Supreme Court, where officials put them on buses home. The detainees were taken in after the fall of the Taliban (More)
Palestinian election officials resign over poll problems
Forty-six members of the Palestinian election commission resigned en masse Saturday, claiming that they had been improperly pressured to change procedures in the midst of the January 9th presidential vote. Senior commission officials claimed that c (More)
Nobel winner resists Iran court summons
Following up on a JURIST report from Thursday, Iranian Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi said Saturday she won't respond to a court summons from an Iranian Revolutionary Court in spite of the risk of arrest. "The manner in which the (More)
Ridge: US shouldn't rule out using torture
Outgoing Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge , in an interview with BBC News airing Friday, said that the US does not condone the use of torture to extract information from terrorists, but added that "under an extreme set of circumstances, (More)
World Report 2005 [Human Rights Watch]
World Report 2005, Human Rights Watch, released January 13, 2005 . Excerpt:No one would equate the two, yet each, in its own way, has had an insidious effect. One involves indifference in the face of the worst imaginable atrocities, the other is embl (More)
Israeli high court temporarily halts building of separation fence
Israel's High Court of Justice issued a temporary injunction Thursday instructing state workers "to refrain from all uprooting of trees or orchards and digging, paving, leveling, construction or other preparations" for the erecting of (More)
Human Rights Watch assails US in annual rights report
Human Rights Watch has released its 2005 human rights report surveying human rights developments in more than 60 countries in 2004. The report says that worldwide system for protecting human rights was significantly weakened in 2004 by the crisis (More)
Legal agenda and live webcasts ~ Thursday, January 13
Here's a run-down of law-related events, expected developments and live webcasts on JURIST's docket for Thursday, January 13.Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Stephen Breyer will discuss the relevance of foreign law for American cons (More)
International brief ~ Venezuelan leader jump-starts controversial land reform law
Leading Wednesday's international brief, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez issued a presidential decree Tuesday creating a presidential and national land commission to implement the provisions of Venezuela's four year old land reform law. T (More)
Palestinian election commission issues final count; court rejects election appeal
The Palestinian Central Election Commission Monday issued provisional final results for Sunday's presidential election, awarding victory to PLO chairman Mahmoud Abbas with 62.32% of the vote, far ahead of second place human right activist Musta (More)