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Darfur genocide inquiry report [UN]
Report of the International Commission of Inquiry on Darfur to the United Nations Secretary-General Pursuant to Security Council Resolution 1564 of 18 September 2004, January 25, 2005. Excerpt from the executive summary:Based on a thorough analysis o (More)
Senate debates Gonzales AG nomination as rights group urges vote delay
The full US Senate Tuesday began debate on the nomination of White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales [White House biography; JURIST Newsmaker] for attorney general, with a vote expected to be held Thursday. Gonzales' nomination was narrowly approv (More)
Malaysian government delays campaign against illegal immigrants
The Malaysian government has delayed arresting illegal immigrants after threatening a major campaign against hundreds of thousands of foreign workers once a three-month amnesty period closed Monday. Malaysian Home Secretary Azmi Khalid said arrests (More)
Nepalese king declares state of emergency after sacking government
After summoning the Prime Minister for an emergency meeting , Nepal's King Gyanendra sacked the country's government Tuesday and declared a state of emergency, cutting phone lines, shutting down the airport and sending armed vehicles on pat (More)
UN Darfur report finds no "genocide", say Sudanese
Following up on a story that ran earlier today in JURIST's Paper Chase, a much-anticipated and as-yet-unreleased UN investigation into human rights abuses in the Darfur region of Sudan does not characterize them as "genocide", accordi (More)
Thousands of illegal immigrants flee Malaysia as government begins crackdown
Thousands of illegal immigrants fled Malaysia Monday as the Malaysian government prepared to launch a campaign to round up and deport illegal foreign workers. January 31 is the last day of a three-month amnesty granted to illegals to leave the coun (More)
International brief ~ UK to release three terror suspects on bail
In Monday's international brief, the United Kingdom's Special Immigration Appeal Commission has granted bail to three terror suspects individuals being held without charge or trial in London's Belmarsh Prison . The only individual to b (More)
Annan urges Sudan sanctions
Speaking in Nigeria Sunday, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan urged the UN Security Council to consider sanctions against Sudan for "gross violations of human rights". Annan cited a UN report, due to be released this week, that found tha (More)
Millions of Iraqis vote as turnout tops 70%
Iraqi voters turned out in their millions Sunday, braving threats of a bloodbath at the polls to cast their ballots in the first democratic elections in the country in more than half a century. One official with the Independent Electoral Commission (More)
Afghan human rights watchdog wants war crimes justice
The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission , a watchdog group supported by the UN and set up pursuant to the 2001 Bonn Agreement , called on the international community and the US-backed Afghan government [official website> Saturday to a (More)