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BREAKING NEWS ~ Pinochet indicted for human rights violations
AP is reporting that a judge has indicted former Chilean president General Augusto Pinochet for human rights violations.11:50 AM ET - BBC News is now reporting that the former leader has been put under house arrest. From Santiago, El Mercurio has mo (More)
Unocal slave labor case settled, appeals court arguments canceled
Oral arguments due to take place Monday afternoon before a full bench of the US Ninth Circuit Courts of Appeals were cancelled Sunday night as a Unocal spokeman announced the settlement of a lawsuit against the oil company in connection with slave l (More)
International bar group wants Mugabe indicted before ICC
An international bar group called Friday for Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe to be indicted before the new International Criminal Court in the Hague for murder, rape, abduction, enslavement and other rights atrocities committed by his regime. The (More)
UN rights chief says response to terror "confused"
Speaking in Geneva on the eve of International Human Rights Day, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour said Thursday that the vision set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted 56 years ago was now "under consider (More)
Rights groups say revised intel reform bill still limits privacy, personal freedom
Rights groups are warning that the sweeping intelligence reform package now awaiting signature by the President after Senate passage yesterday is better than earlier versions but still contains multiple provisions that threaten privacy and personal (More)
Zimbabwe enacts law banning foreign-funded rights groups
The Zimbabwe parliament Thursday passed a controversial bill banning foreign-funded human rights groups from operating in the country and requiring all other rights groups to register with the governmet. Pro-government legislators have accused outsi (More)
UK discriminated against Gypsy refugees, says high court
The UK House of Lords ruled Thursday that immigration controls set up by the British government had systematically discriminated against Roma Gypsies trying to enter Britain, largely from the Czech Republic where many faced prosecution. Roma, known (More)
Saddam's first meeting with defense counsel canceled
The chief of Saddam Hussein's defense team claimed Wednesday that the former Iraqi dictator's first meeting with a defense lawyer had been canceled after American authorities exerted pressure on the Iraqi Special Tribunal set up to try him a (More)
Syria pardons political prisoners
Syria released 112 political detainees, the country's official news agency reported Tuesday. President Bashar al-Asad pardoned the prisoners, many of whom are thought to be Kurdish minorities arrested during a riot last March. This year 160 po (More)
Russian Constitutional Court clears way for reconsideration of anti-Bolshevik leader's case
According to a Russian human rights lawyer, the Russian Constitutional Court has cleared the way for lower court reconsideration and possible exoneration of Admiral Alexander Kolchak, the "White Russian" leader of anti-Bolshevik forces in (More)