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Russian Supreme Court refuses to legalize same-sex marriage
The Russian Supreme Court Tuesday rejected a petition for the legalization of same-sex marriage. In its opinion, the court held that it could not alter the Russian Family Code to allow for same-sex marriages. The plaintiffs in the case filed for a (More)
European rights court says UK protestors didn't receive fair trial
The European Court of Human Rights ruled Tuesday that two British activists found guilty in the UK of libel against fast food chain McDonald's did not have a fair trial and were deprived of their freedom of expression. Helen Steel and David M (More)
Legal agenda and live webcasts ~ Tuesday, Feb. 15
Here's a run-down of law-related events, expected developments and live webcasts on JURIST's docket for Tuesday, Feb. 15.The US Senate convenes at 9:45 AM ET today and is scheduled to consider the nomination of Judge Michael Chertoff for S (More)
Amnesty warns that 'conflict diamonds' evade US Customs controls
Amnesty International has issued a Valentine's Day warning that "conflict diamonds," gems whose sale finances war, terrorism, and human rights abuses, are still being imported into the US due to loopholes in Customs procedures. The 20 (More)
UK legal experts say Prince Charles marriage may be illegal
British legal experts on the BBC news program Panorama have warned that a civil marriage between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles might not be allowed under existing legislation. The 1836 Marriage Act, which permitted marriages outside the c (More)
Human rights body says Russia not meeting standards
The Council of Europe , the continent's top human rights watchdog, has rejected overtures by Moscow to stop monitoring Russian compliance with the Council's code of ethics, citing the nation's continued lack of respect for human rights. (More)
Bosnian court acquits Serb policemen of war crimes charges
A Bosnian court Friday acquitted eleven Serb policeman who had been linked to the murders of a Catholic priest and his parents during the Balkan conflict of the 1990s. Tomislav Matanovic and his parents disappeared in 1995 and their corpses were fo (More)
International brief ~ Nigerian mediators turned away from Togo
In Friday's international brief, Nigerian President and current African Union Chairman Olusegun Obasanjo expressed outrage Friday after a plane carrying a Nigerian advance party was diverted from the Togo capital city of Lome and denied permiss (More)
Putin warns UN human rights commissioner not to politicize issues
Russian president Vladimir Putin welcomed an international dialogue on human rights issues Thursday during a meeting with UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour , but warned that rights issues should not be exploited for political and (More)
Germany rejects Rumsfeld war crimes probe
As previously expected , Germany's Federal Prosecutor Thursday rejected calls to investigate US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for possible war crimes stemming from US abuse of prisoners in Iraq. The New York-based Center for Constitutio (More)