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Paris police enforcing new ban on disruptive rallies
Thousands of Paris police officers are enforcing a new ban on public rallies in the French capital "likely to start or fuel disorder" declared under emergency powers granted to local authorities in the wake of widespread rioting by immigr (More)
French immigrants, rights groups question use of emergency laws
French immigrant communities and rights groups are criticizing the French government's decision to impose emergency laws [decree, PDF; JURIST report] in efforts to restore order after two weeks of rioting. The 1955 state of emergency law was i (More)
French emergency laws helping to quell riots, say officials
French police and Interior Ministry officials said Wednesday that newly-authorized state of emergency powers were helping to subdue violence in the 13th day of rioting around the country. The government on Tuesday issued a decree giving local of (More)
France authorizes emergency powers to cope with riots
France's Interior Ministry announced Tuesday that the government has authorized local officials to use emergency powers to help deal with riots that have broken out across the country over the past 12 days, mostly instigated by disaffected Mu (More)
Turkish PM connects French headscarf ban with rioting
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan linked France's ban on the hijab [JURIST report; JURIST news archive] in public schools to the country's recent rioting , in an interview Monday with the Turkish newspaper Milliyet . Erdogan blame (More)
253 arrested as French rioting spreads on ninth night
More than 250 people were arrested Friday night in France as rioting spread from the poor suburbs of Paris into the cities of Strasbourg and Rennes. The riots, which began late last week, originated in Parisian ghettos, where jobless rates for male (More)
International brief ~ Netherlands likely to vote "no" on EU constitution
Leading Friday's international brief, two recently released polls indicate that popular sentiment is heavily against the proposed EU constitution in the Netherlands . Polls by RTL Television and Centerdata both put the likely "no" vo (More)