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France president proposes stripping citizenship from immigrants who kill police
French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Monday his government would proceed to draft a law that would make it easier to deport illegal immigrants and strip immigrants accused of violent crimes of their French citizenship. The proposal targets immigr (More)
France protesters rally against Sarkozy security measures
Over 100,000 people in 130 cities across France protested Saturday against the security policies of President Nicolas Sarkozy . The protesters called the expulsion of illegal Roma and a recent bid to ban the burqa , xenophobic [Le Monde report, in (More)
UN rights committee calls on France to implement plan to end discrimination
The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on Thursday concluded its review of France's compliance with the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) , holding that while France has (More)
France president announces new measures against illegal Roma
French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday ordered measures against illegal Roma communities in France and announced new legislation aimed at making their deportation easier. The announcement comes a week after riots by members of the Roma com (More)
France denies citizenship to Muslim woman for failure to adopt French culture
The French Council of State has denied a Moroccan-born Muslim woman's citizenship application because she failed to assimilate to French culture and she practices a type of Islam found incompatible with French values. The ruling was made publi (More)
France vote for Sarkozy sets stage for legal changes
The convincing victory of conservative French Interior Minister Nicholas Sarkozy [campaign website, in French; JURIST news archive] over Socialist Party candidate Segolene Royal in the French presidential run-off election Sunday means that the inco (More)
French police officers charged for roles in pre-riot electrocution deaths
A French judge has charged two police officers connected to a case that sparked three weeks of rioting outside Paris and in other parts of France in 2005. The officers were charged Wednesday with “non-assistance to people in danger”, an (More)
French police mishandled case that sparked 2005 riots: internal report
An internal investigation has found that French police officers improperly handled a case that sparked weeks of rioting outside Paris and around the country late last year, a lawyer involved in the case said Thursday. The mass rioting began in the (More)
France PM to extend anti-vandalism laws after violence on riots anniversary
French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin [official website, in French; JURIST news archive] promised Monday to extend the scope of anti-vandalism laws following the burnings of some 200 vehicles over the weekend. After an emergency meeting on tra (More)
UK racial equality head appeals for honest debate in Muslim veil controversy
Trevor Phillips , chairman of the UK Commission for Racial Equality , warned Sunday that if communication about social differences does not improve in Britain, riots could erupt there in the wake of a religious dress debate prompted by comments fr (More)