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Germany court rules 92-year-old woman unfit to stand trial for Auschwitz deaths
A court in Kiel, Germany, ruled Friday that a 92-year-old woman charged with Nazi crimes is unfit to stand trial. The woman was identified only as Helma M. due to German privacy laws and is reportedly partially deaf, blind and suffering from an inter (More)
Canada top court rejects appeal in former-Nazi citizenship case
The Supreme Court of Canada on Thursday rejected an appeal by the Attorney General of Canada asking the court to review a lower court decision instructing the country to reconsider revocation of a former-Nazi's Canadian citizenship. Helmut Oberlan (More)
94-year-old former SS sergeant sentenced to five years
Reinhold Hanning, a 94 year-old former Auschwitz guard, was convicted by a court in Detmold, German,y Friday and sentenced to five years in prison for his role in murder of 170,000 people. Hanning served as a guard at Auschwitz from 1942-1944. He joi (More)
94-year-old former SS Sergeant apologizes to Nazi victims at trial in Germany
Reinhold Hanning, a 94-year-old former Schutzstaffel (SS) guard in the Auschwitz death camp between 1942 and 1944, apologized to Nazi victims at his trial in Detmold, a small town in West Germany. Hanning, who is accused of being an accessory to the (More)
Trial of former Auschwitz SS medic postponed for second time over health concerns
A court in Neubrandenburg, Germany, on Monday postponed the trial of a former Nazi SS medic because the 95-year-old remains unfit to appear before the court. The trial was scheduled to open on Monday, but the court announced a doctor made an earlier (More)
Germany court rules accused Auschwitz paramedic too sick for trial
A German court ruled Monday that 95-year-old former Nazi SS medic was not fit to attend court for criminal charges stemming from his time at Auschwitz. Hubert Z is accused of being an accessory to the murder of 3,681 people at Auschwitz. He was sche (More)
Canada court grants stay to Nazi interpreter on revocation of citizenship
The Canadian Federal Court of Appeals has overturned a lower court decision , holding that accused Nazi war criminal Helmut Oberlander cannot be stripped of his Canadian citizenship at this time. Oberlander was an interpreter for Einsatzkommando 10a (More)
Former Auschwitz guard goes on trial in Germany
A German court on Thursday began the trial of a 94-year-old former Auschwitz guard charged with 170,000 counts of accessory to murder. The accused, Reinhold Hanning, voluntarily joined the armed Schuzstaffel (SS) when he was 18 years old and was was (More)
UN SG: education key to preventing genocide
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday stressed the importance of education to prevent new genocides, speaking at an event acknowledging the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust. The Secretary-General (More)
Auschwitz paramedic to stand trial in Germany
A German court on Monday announced that Hubert Z, a 95-year-old German man accused of being an accessory to the murder of 3,681 people at Auschwitz, will stand trial next month. Because of Germany's privacy laws Hubert Z's last name has not been rel (More)