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US Supreme Court will not hear deportation appeal of accused Nazi prison guard
The US Supreme Court [official website; JURIST news archive] denied certiorari Monday in Demjanjuk v. Mukasey [order, PDF; case docket], ending the appeals process of a deportation order for accused former Nazi concentration camp guard and Ohio resi (More)
US judge orders deportation of accused Nazi prison guard
US Chief Immigration Judge Michael Creppy ruled Wednesday that John Demjanjuk , a retired auto worker living in Cleveland who is accused of having been a Nazi prison camp guard, should be deported to his native Ukraine, Germany or Poland, rejecting (More)
Immigration judge rules accused Nazi can be deported
A federal immigration judge ruled on Monday that John Demjanjuk , who lost his US citizenship for serving as a guard at a concentration camp, can be deported. The case dates back to 1977 [Cleveland Plain Dealer report], when the Justice Department (More)