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Berman [Ohio State]: Seeking death for Scott Peterson
Doug Berman, Moritz College of Law, Ohio State University:"As regular readers know, I typically try to avoid blogging about high-profile criminal law cases (unless and until there is a Blakely issue). But now that the Scott Peterson case is past (More)
US Supreme Court stays execution of Texas man
The US Supreme Court has stayed the execution of a Texas man for the second time in five months. Troy Kunkle was convicted of murder for the 1984 killing of man during an armed robbery. Prior to his scheduled execution in July of 2004, citizens oppo (More)
Crimes of Fallujah and the Continuation of Aggressive War
JURIST Contributing Editor Marjorie Cohn of Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego says that the massive US assault on Fallujah is but the latest instance of illegal American aggression in Iraq, undertaken with disregard for international treati (More)
Justice Department: Death sentences reach 30-year low
The US Justice Department is reporting that the number of people sentenced to death in the United States reached a 30-year low in 2003. Last year, 144 inmates in 25 states were given the death penalty, which is not only 24 fewer than in 2002 but le (More)
Supreme Court reverses death sentence for Texas man
The US Supreme Court Monday reversed the death sentence of a Texas man because jurors were not instructed to consider mitigating evidence when deliberating on the sentence. LaRoyce Lathair Smith was convicted of murdering a former co-worker during (More)
Judge questions Ashcroft's decision to seek death penalty for convicted mob boss
A federal district judge Friday questioned a decision by US Attorney General John Ashcroft to seek the death penalty for convicted mob boss Joseph Massino. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis of the US District Court for the Eastern District of New Yor (More)
WA Supreme Court overturns death sentence due to jury prejudice
The Washington state Supreme Court has overturned a death sentence, ruling that the jury may have been prejudiced by the sight of ankle shackles on the defendant, Cecil E. Davis. Davis was convicted of murdering a 65-year-old neighbor, but the court (More)
DC sniper's lawyers argue against death sentence in Virginia high court
Lawyers for convicted DC sniper John Allen Muhammad have told the Virginia Supreme Court that Muhammad cannot be sentenced to death because he did not pull the trigger in the 2002 killings. As reported on JURIST's Paper Chase, Muhammad received (More)
Maybe Death Isn't So Different
JURIST Guest Columnist LTC John M. Bickers, a law professor at the US Military Academy at West Point, says that two recent decisions regarding the death penalty show that the Supreme Court seems to accept capital sentencing as a punishment, as long a (More)
Ohio death penalty ruling [6th Circuit]
Davis v. Mitchell, US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, February 4, 2003 . Read the opinion here. Reported in JURIST's Paper Chase here (More)