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FCC crackdowns alter Veterans Day programming, underwriting promo
In the wake of FCC crackdowns on media outlets, several broadcasters have changed Veterans' Day programming and a North Carolina radio station has banned the phrase "reproductive rights". ABC stations owned by Cox Television, Citadel C (More)
Environmental brief ~ San Francisco plans to scrap two power plants
In Tuesday's environmental law news, San Francisco CA officials announced a plan that would close the Hunters Point power plant (owned by Pacific Gas and Electric) by 2006 and the Potrero power plant (owned by Mirant Co.) by 2007. The plan, deve (More)
Kyoto Climate Change Protocol [UN]
Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, November 5, 2004 . Read the full text of the Protocol here . Reported in JURIST's Paper Chase here. (More)
Putin signs Kyoto Protocol, giving treaty enough signatures to take effect
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Kyoto Protocol Friday, completing Russia's ratification of the treaty and giving the global warming accord enough signatures to come into force as early as next year. The treaty now has the backing of (More)