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The Link Between Climate Change and Human Health
IntroductionCOVID-19, which has brought human life to a standstill across the globe, is not a climate-change pandemic. The worldwide increase of infectious disease is the result of a changed human lifestyle that has consequently altered the biolo (More)
Covid-19: China’s Responsibility and Possible Legal Actions
In the late 1920s scratch farmers and loggers were facing an unseen threat in the isolated forests of the inland Pacific Northwest of America. Crops were scarred and charred. They had stunted timber yields. The culprit turned out to be a huge zinc sm (More)
Toward a New National Security Framework
Students in our National Security Law course quickly learn that this area of the law is governed primarily by abstract constitutional rules, specific statutory grants of authority, and relatively little useful caselaw. Indeed, perhaps in no other are (More)
Environmental Personhood: Recent Developments and the Road Ahead
IntroductionA legal personality or a juristic personality is an entity other than a natural being which the law deems capable of holding such rights and duties which are normally accorded to human beings exclusively. The rights accorded can range (More)
India Is in Need of an Inclusive Public Healthcare Law to Combat Pandemic
The health degree of a society’s well-being is determined by the ideas which take actual shape in the course of its daily self-constitution. In order to reform and even redeem such a society, we have to reform those defining ideas. The quality of our (More)
Refugee Rights and Health: The Impact of COVID-19 on Refugee Camps
At the moment, there are over 70.8 million people forcibly displaced from their homes. The fast mobility of large populations is an inalienable part of humanity that is driven by drought, famine, earthquake, climate change, political opinion, massive (More)
COP26 climate change summit postponed amid COVID-19 pandemic
The UN climate change conference (COP) that was set to take place in Glasgow, Scotland, in November has been postponed to 2021. The decision was announced in a press release on Wednesday night by the COP Bureau of the UN Framework Convention on Clima (More)
Trump softens Obama-era fuel economy standards
The Trump administration on Tuesday weakened the fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks, previously one of the nation's most aggressive policies against climate change.The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traf (More)
Oregon governor signs executive order fighting climate change
The governor of Oregon signed an expansive executive order to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the state Tuesday, just days after a Republican walkout in the state senate scuttled legislative efforts to achieve the same ends.Republicans i (More)
Vermont legislators propose environmental protection amendment to state constitution
Senators in Vermont have proposed an amendment to the state constitution that would guarantee a right to a clean environment.The bill was sponsored by 15 senators and, if passed by the House, would go into effect in November 2022. Additionally, t (More)