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Germany conservatives call for partial face veil ban
Angela Merkel, through the Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere , said on Friday that women should be banned from wearing a face veil in various areas, including in school and while driving. On the partial face veil ban, which is part of a larger sec (More)
EU court backs French woman dismissed for wearing head scarf
The European Union's highest court released an advisory opinion Wednesday stating that Asma Bougnaoui, a French Muslim woman who lost her job in 2009 for wearing a head scarf, was unlawfully discriminated against. The opinion found that Bougnaoui's (More)
EU court adviser: employers may ban headscarves in workplace
A legal adviser to the European Court of Justice issued an opinion Tuesday finding that an employer may ban an employee from wearing a headscarf for religious purposes. Written by Advocate General Juliane Kokott , the opinion holds that "If the ban (More)
Canada officials drop challenge to face veil for citizenship ceremonies
Canada's Minister of Justice and Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship issued a joint statement on Monday announcing that the government will withdraw an appeal that sought to require removal of the niqab for citizenship ceremonies. A n (More)
Canada court rules women may wear veils during citizenship oath
A Canadian court on Tuesday ruled that women may be allowed to wear face-covering veils during swearing the oath of citizenship. The case, heard by a Federal Court of Appeal , was brought by Zunera Ishaq against the Canadian government after she arr (More)
Thailand deports over one hundred Uighurs to China
Thailand on Thursday deported 109 Uighurs back to China despite international warnings that the refugees will experience severe treatment upon returning. Significant opposition to the decision [Bangkok Post report] erupted as pro-Uighur protesters a (More)
Authorities in capital of China's Xinjiang province ban burqas
Authorities in Urumqi, capital of the far-west Chinese province of Xinjiang, issued a new law Wednesday banning the wearing of burqas in public. Xinjiang, home to China's minority ethnically Turkic Muslim Uighurs, has been the site of significant (More)
Australia parliament lifts ban on facial coverings
Australia's Parliament House on Monday lifted a ban on face veils including burqas and niqabs. The short-lived ban was announced earlier this month, prohibiting persons with facial coverings from being in open public galleries. The ban was condemne (More)
Europe rights court upholds France face covering ban
The European Court of Human Rights ruled [judgment; press release, PDF] Tuesday that France's face covering ban is permissible under European law. In SAS v. France the court ruled 15-2 that the ban , which became effective in 2011, complies with a (More)
France parliament debates gender equality bill
The French parliament on Monday began debating new far-reaching legislation that would, if passed, impact elements of gender equality, including abortion rights and wage equality. The bill for equality between women and men was prompted by statisti (More)