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EU top court: employers may ban headscarves in workplace
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled [judgment; press release, PDF] on Tuesday that EU companies, under permitted conditions, may ban employees from displaying political or religious symbols, including Islamic headscarves. In a related case, t (More)
Turkish military to allow female officials to wear head coverings
The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced Wednesday that female soldiers will be allowed to wear headscarves along with their uniforms. The regulation, a break in the nation's attempt to protect its secularism , is the latest institutional policy al (More)
Bavaria approves partial ban on full-face veil
The German state of Bavaria on Tuesday approved a ban on full-face veils in certain public spaces, including universities, schools, government workplaces and while driving. Asserting that facial expressions are important to communication, Bavarian (More)
Austria proposes ban on full-face coverings in public places
Austria's ruling coalition announced Monday a plan to ban full-face coverings in public places, with a focus on Islamic veils. The proposal is part of a set of reforms created after extensive negotiations by the Social Democrats and People's par (More)
New Jersey court upholds firing of corrections officer who wore hijab to work
A New Jersey appeals court on Wednesday upheld the firing of corrections officer Linda Tisby, who was terminated for wearing a hijab to work as an expression of her religious beliefs. Tissuey, who had worked for the jail for 13 years, argued that h (More)
Germany chancellor endorses partial ban on full face veils
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday endorsed [Guardian video] a partial ban on burqas and niqabs. Merkel said that "the full facial veil is inappropriate and should be banned wherever is legally possible." The chancellor's party, the Christian (More)
Netherlands legislature votes in favor of partial burka ban
The Dutch House of Representatives voted in favor of a proposed partial ban on facial covers on Tuesday, including niqabs and burkas worn by many Muslim women. Of the 12 political parties represented in the Netherlands, nine have endorsed [Tagessc (More)
Canada judge: forcing court attendees to remove religious attire against principles of Canadian law
A Canadian Superior Court justice has ruled that a decision to deny a woman's case in court because she refused to remove her hijab goes against the fundamental principles of Canadian law. Rania El-Alloul was told last year that her case regarding a (More)
Switzerland lawmakers approve public burqa ban
Switzerland's lower house of Parliament on Tuesday narrowly approved a bill that would amend the nation's federal constitution to include a ban on "concealing ones face" in public under most circumstances. Proposed by the Swiss People's Party, the (More)
France ex-president: if re-elected, burkinis will be unconstitutional
Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy stated to the press on Monday that he would amend the constitution to ban full-body "burkini" swimsuits if re-elected next April. His comments came after a statement was made by Interior Minister Bernard Caz (More)