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Canada PM criticizes electoral ruling allowing voters to wear Muslim veil
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper Sunday voiced his disapproval of an administrative decision allowing Muslim women to wear veils and burqas while voting in upcoming by-elections in the province of Quebec. Elections Canada , an independent bod (More)
Canada elections body allows women wearing Muslim garb to vote
Muslim women will be allowed to wear traditional Muslim niqabs or burqas and not be required to show their faces to vote in Quebec by-elections this month, an Elections Canada spokesperson announced Thursday. The official said that women would not (More)
Dutch MP seeks to criminalize burqa-wearing after government aborts ban
Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders submitted a legislative proposal to prohibit the public wearing of burqas [Wikipedia backgrounder; JURIST news archive] Thursday, proposing a fine of up to €3,350 euros or 12 days in jail for violators. Wi (More)
New Dutch integration minister rejects proposed burqa ban
Netherlands Minister of Integration Ella Vogelaar told Dutch radio Saturday that she has no plans to implement a ban on the public wearing of the full-length Muslim burqa [Wikipedia backgrounder; JURIST news archive] despite two parliamentary votes (More)
Dutch minister stripped of immigration duties after refusing to halt deportations
The Dutch Parliament voted Thursday to strip Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk of responsibility for setting immigration policy and to temporarily halt the deportation of failed asylum seekers. Verdonk, known domestically as the "Iron Lady&q (More)
Protestors oppose planned Netherlands burqa ban
Protestors demonstrated Thursday outside the Dutch Parliament building against the Netherlands' plan to completely ban the wearing of the full-length Muslim burqa and the niqab , the Muslim headscarf for women that leaves only the eyes visible (More)
Dutch government promises burqa ban after election
The Dutch government announced after a cabinet meeting Friday that it will introduce legislation to ban the Muslim full-length burqa veil as well as other face coverings like ski masks in public places "as soon as possible" after the co (More)
Netherlands government to push for Muslim burqa ban
The Netherlands cabinet announced plans Friday to press for a ban on the wearing of the full-length Muslim burqa and the niqab , the Muslim headscarf for women that leaves only the eyes visible. Dutch Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk said the gov (More)
Dutch cabinet to decide on Muslim veil ban
The Netherlands cabinet is set to decide later this month whether to go forward with a ban against Muslim women wearing the niqab , the Muslim religious veil similar to a burqa that leaves only a woman's eyes visible. The specific idea was firs (More)