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Convergence and Chaos: Intersecting Security Threats to the United States
"Everything is very simple in war, but even the simplest thing is difficult." - Karl von Clausewitz, On War There is palpable wisdom in Clausewitz's classic observation about war. Where this wisdom is understood in terms of current United States nat (More)
India court acquits nationalist politicians of conspiracy to demolish historic mosque
A court in Lucknow, India, on Wednesday acquitted all 32 people, including former deputy prime minister Lal Krishna Advani, of conspiring to destroy a historic mosque in 1992.Twenty-eight years ago the Babri Masjid, a mosque in the Indian state o (More)
Federal appeals court upholds 6-day deadline extension for Wisconsin absentee ballots
The US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit upheld a federal court's six-day deadline extension for Wisconsin absentee ballots Tuesday. The Seventh Circuit's decision followed after Wisconsin Secretary of Elections Commission Marge Bostelmann, th (More)
Texas county sued over alleged noncitizen voter registration
The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), a conservative legal group concerned with election integrity, filed a suit in the Texas Supreme Court Saturday to prevent what it alleged was noncitizen voter registration in Harris County, Texas.PILF (More)
Pennsylvania appeals court rules gun industry protection law unconstitutional
The Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled Monday that the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act of 2005 (PLCAA), a federal gun industry protection law, is unconstitutional.In 2016 a 13-year-old boy was accidentally shot and killed by his friend w (More)
Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers ask Supreme Court to overturn ruling on COVID-19 election measures
Republicans in the Pennsylvania Senate on Monday asked the US Supreme Court to block a ruling from the state's Supreme Court allowing mail-in ballots received three days after November 3 to be counted if they are postmarked on that day.The Pennsy (More)
The Pursuit of Dignity: A Tale of the Indian Supreme Court’s Contempt
Contempt of Court is a double-edged weapon, which if correctly used, protects the authority of the court; if misused it harms as well. The contempt case against Mr. Prashant Bhushan, a Senior Advocate at the Indian Supreme Court, is a recent example (More)
Federal judge blocks Texas from eliminating straight party voting, citing COVID-19 risk
A federal judge on Friday blocked the state of Texas from eliminating straight-party voting, a system where a voter could vote for all the Democrats or Republicans on a ballot by checking a single box. In the order, US District Judge Marina Garcia Ma (More)
NYT report details over two decades of Trump's tax returns
The New York Times released a report on Sunday detailing two decades of US President Donald Trump's tax returns. The report revealed that Trump paid little in taxes, owes massive debts and profited extensively from foreign countries during his presid (More)
Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Supreme Court seat
President Donald Trump Saturday announced Amy Coney Barrett as his nominee to the US Supreme Court seat left vacant by the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. During the announcement in the White House Rose Garden, Barrett promised that "should (More)