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Supreme Court denies injunction for Nevada church challenging COVID-19 order
The Supreme Court late Friday denied an emergency application for an injunction submitted by a Nevada church alleging infringement of their First Amendment rights by Governor Steve Sisolak's executive order limiting church capacity to no more than 50 (More)
Federal judge grants injunction over Tennessee 'heartbeat' abortion ban
A US federal judge for the Middle District of Tennessee issued a preliminary injunction blocking parts of Tennessee's so-called "heartbeat" abortion ban on Friday.The ban, signed into law by Tennessee governor Bill Lee on July 13, would ban abort (More)
Holding the US Accountable for the Killing of General Soleimani
On 3rd January, 3:13 pm (EST) President Donald Trump addressed one of the most high profile press conferences of the decade. He announced the killing of Major General Qasim Soleimani, head of the feared Iranian Quds force. Though there had been previ (More)
US House passes legislation to remove statues of racists from US Capitol
The US House of Representatives passed legislation Wednesday to remove from the US Capitol building offensive statues of individuals who served the Confederacy, supported slavery and who otherwise defended and promoted white supremacy. The legislatio (More)
Sixteen states file Supreme Court brief supporting constitutional challenge to Super PACs
Sixteen states led by Washington State filed an amicus brief in the US Supreme Court Wednesday urging the Court to take a case arguing that the unlimited amount of funds that can be donated against or in support of political candidates through Super (More)
US offers $5M reward for information leading to arrest of Venezuela chief justice
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced that the United States government will offer a reward of up to $5M for information leading to the arrest or conviction of the President of Venezuela's Supreme Tribunal of Justice, Maikel José Moreno Pér (More)
Recent Approach of the Supreme Court of India on Reservation
After numerous decades, the order given by the Supreme Court of India, “reservation is not a fundamental right” has sparked an ardent political debate and unrest among backward communities. In this article, the author shall explain what was the view (More)
Iran suspends execution of anti-government protesters following online campaign
Iran's supreme court on Sunday suspended the execution of three men convicted following the November 2019 anti-government protests.The Revolutionary Court in Tehran had in February 22 convicted the three men of moharebeh (waging war against God), (More)
Mt. Rushmore Is Too Small: A Walking Tour of Montgomery for My Students
This essay describes a walk not taken with my students. Here is a pdf version for anyone that might like to have a copy of this material for personal or educational use.The purpose of the walk was to show one thing: a big monument cannot fix a sm (More)
Federal appeals court rules Amazon 'last mile' drivers exempt from Federal Arbitration Act
The US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit ruled Friday that Amazon's "last mile" delivery drivers are exempt from the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) because they are engaged in interstate commerce.Section 1 of the FAA exempts "contracts of emp (More)