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Federal judge bars application of US immigration welfare rule during COVID-19 pandemic
A federal judge for the US District Court for the Southern District of New York issued an injunction Wednesday that prevents enforcement of a new US immigration rule barring immigrants from qualifying for visas if they are likely to become dependent (More)
California Supreme Court considers applying lower bar passage score retroactively
The California Supreme Court is considering retroactively applying a lower bar exam passing score to the February 2020 exam.In response to COVID-19, the California Supreme Court has already decided to administer the bar exam online on October 5-6 (More)
US appeals court denies third-party presidential candidates automatic spot on 2020 PA ballot in wake of lockdown
The US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has affirmed an order from the US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania denying third-party presidential candidates automatic placement on the November 2020 Pennsylvania ballot because o (More)
Extrajudicial Killings in India: Rule of Law v. Police Impunity
Extrajudicial killings are acts of violence carried out by law enforcement agencies without any judicial authorization. This is usually done by the state to enforce what may be called ‘instant justice’ by circumventing the elaborate procedure establi (More)
John Lewis: Conscience and the Path of the Law
This essay reflects on a Sunday spent in Montgomery, Alabama, when a city and a state honored Rep. John Lewis. Here also is a pdf version for anyone that might like to have a copy of this material for personal or educational use.In Montgomery las (More)
Aatish Ali Taseer's Case and the Status of Illegitimate Children in India
In June 2020, the Bombay High Court in Dharmesh Vasantrai Shah v. Renuka Prakash Tiwari, held that the primary caregiver in the case of an illegitimate child is the mother and not the father. The case involved a minor citizen of New Zealand, whose un (More)
Stealth Executive Privilege: Trump v. Mazars
In Trump v. Mazars, the Supreme Court appeared to reject President Trump’s claim to an executive privilege protecting him from a subpoena seeking private financial information under United States v.  Nixon, in keeping with its holding in Clinton v. J (More)
Former Philippines Supreme Court justices file petition against new anti-terrorism law
Former Philippines Supreme Court Justices Antonio Carpio and Conchita Carpio-Morales have joined the faculty of the University of the Philippines College of Law (UP Law) in petitioning the Supreme Court to void the country's recently passed anti-terr (More)
Reflections on #ADA30 as a Young Lawyer with a Disability
During the summer of 2004, I was about to enter fourth grade. That summer was one of discovery and basic understanding of disability identity for me. My parents told me I was autistic in a way that I believed I had magic within me, and the Americans (More)
Turning Their Back on People with Disabilities in the Name of Religious Freedom
When President George H.W. Bush signed the historic Americans with Disabilities Act 30 years ago, he proudly declared, “Let the shameful wall of exclusion finally come tumbling down.”In a recent decision, the Supreme Court tossed another brick on (More)