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Tokaji [Ohio State]: Ohio - It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over
Dan Tokaji, Moritz College of Law, Ohio State University:"Taking Yogi Berra's words to heart, Ohio voting rights advocates have announced their plan to proceed with a contest of the election. This is in addition to the recount planned by the (More)
Mississippi high court overturns $80M verdict for lack of jurisdiction
The Mississippi Supreme Court Monday overturned a verdict that had netted a Mississippi man $80 million. Carroll V. Hood and his company had been awarded the money, which included $75 million in punative damages, in a breach of contract claim agains (More)
Appeal begins in Afghan court for US men convicted of running illegal prison
An Afghan court held a preliminary appeal hearing Monday in the case of three Americans who were convicted for illegally detaining and torturing eight Afghans, including a supreme court judge, in a an illegal prison. The defendants will argue that (More)
International brief ~ OSCE says Ukrainian run-off election falls short of international standards; opposition claims fraud
Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych is officially in the lead after Sunday's run-off presidential election in Ukraine, but opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko, supported by outgoing President Leonid Kuchma, has alleged massive fraud in vote cou (More)
Hasen [Loyola Los Angeles]: More on the San Diego Write-In
Rick Hasen, Loyola Law School Los Angeles:"The incumbent mayor, Dick Murphy, will be reelected unless one of the three lawsuits currently pending is successful, or unless there is a recount that will lead to a different result. News stories on (More)
Environmental brief ~ Forest Service approves plan for Sierra Nevada mountains
In Friday's environmental law news, USDA Forest Service chief Dale Bosworth has affirmed the Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment (SNFPA), a plan that regulates the 11 national forests that run along the Sierra Nevada mountains in California and (More)
Canadian Supreme Court rules funding for autism treatment discretional
The Supreme Court of Canada Friday ruled that government of British Columbia may decide whether to provide funding for the treatment of autistic children, overturning two lower court rulings that the funding was required. Parents of autistic childre (More)
US Supreme Court stays execution of Texas man
The US Supreme Court has stayed the execution of a Texas man for the second time in five months. Troy Kunkle was convicted of murder for the 1984 killing of man during an armed robbery. Prior to his scheduled execution in July of 2004, citizens oppo (More)
Gunmaker lawsuit ruling [IL SC]
Young v. Bryco Arms et al., Illinois Supreme Court, November 18, 2004 . Excerpt:In sum, we hold that plaintiffs' public nuisance claims against both the manufacturer and the dealer defendants must be dismissed. Even granting, arguendo, that plain (More)
Illinois Supreme Court dismisses gunmaker lawsuits
The Illinois Supreme Court Thursday unanimously dismissed two lawsuits which accused gunmakers of knowingly allowing their weapons to fall into criminal hands. The two Illinois lawsuits, filed by the city of Chicago and victims of gun violence, had (More)