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American citizen captured in Iraq designated "enemy combatant"
US Department of Defense spokesmen have said that US forces in Iraq are holding a man with joint US and Jordanian citizenship who is said to be a senior operative for terrorist leader Abu Musab Zarqawi. The unidentified suspect, who is the first A (More)
Federal judge says Bush plot suspect can be examined for signs of torture
US District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee ruled Wednesday that Ahmed Abu Ali, the man charged with plotting to assassinate President Bush , can be examined by doctors to determine whether there is any evidence that Abu Ali was tortured while being held in (More)
State Department releases new human rights report
The US State Department Monday released its third annual report on American efforts to support and promote human rights around the world. In Supporting Human Rights: The US Record 2004-2005 , the US said it will make respect for human rights the tes (More)
Man accused of plotting Bush assassination pleads not guilty
Abu Ali, a US citizen who allegedly joined al-Qaida while studying abroad in Saudi Arabia, pleaded not guilty on Monday to charges of providing material aid to terrorists . Ali, a former Virginia high school valedictorian, is accused of plotting to (More)
US abuses may become focus of UN human rights meeting
The United Nations' Commission on Human Rights began its annual six-week session on Monday. This year's meeting may produce significant criticism of human rights abuses committed by the US against prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan. Activis (More)
Suing Rumsfeld: Torture and the America We Want to Be
JURIST Guest Columnist Admiral John Hutson (Ret. USN), former Navy Judge Advocate General, President and Dean of Franklin Pierce Law Center, and now a party to the ACLU torture suit against Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, wonders what myriad reports o (More)
Pentagon floats plan to cut Gitmo population by exporting detainees
The Pentagon wants to cut in half the number of detainees currently held at Guantanamo Bay by tranferring many prisoners out of the country to facilities in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Yemen, according to a report published in Friday's New Yor (More)
Gonzales insists US did not send prisoners abroad to be tortured
In an interview with three news agencies Monday, US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales denied renewed allegations that pursuant to an executive order issued after the September 11 attacks the CIA had flown as many as 150 terror suspects to foreign ju (More)
Joining the World Against Juvenile Executions
JURIST Contributing Editor Marjorie Cohn of Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego notes that with the Supreme Court's recent ruling in Roper v. Simmons, the United States has finally joined the community of nations that says the state-sanct (More)
Legal agenda and live webcasts ~ Thursday, March 3
Here's a run-down of law-related events, expected developments and live webcasts on JURIST's docket for Thursday, March 3.The US Senate will convene at 9:30 AM ET today, and it will consider S.J.Res. 4 , expressing disapproval over a Depart (More)