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Saudi Arabian prisoners complain of abuse
The Executive Director of Saudi Arabia's recently-formed National Human Rights Association (NHRA) said Thursday that the commission has received over 2000 valid complaints, roughly a third of which concerned prison abuse in the country. Dr. Lub (More)
US rebukes 14 nations over human trafficking
In a State Department human trafficking report released Friday the US accused 14 nations of failing to adequately stop the flow of slaves traded into prostitution, child sex work, and forced labor. According to the State Department, as many as 800 (More)
Alleged al Qaeda supporters denied bail
Two US citizens accused of conspiring to support al-Qaida were denied bail on Tuesday in separate federal courts. Tarik Shah of New York and Dr. Rafik Abdus of Florida were both arrested in a government sting operation Friday. Shah allegedly promis (More)
Two US citizens charged with conspiring to assist al Qaeda
The US Justice Department said Sunday that two US citizens have been arrested and charged with conspiring to provide support to al Qaeda in several meetings with an undercover FBI agent posing as an al Qaeda recruiter and a confidential source. Ta (More)
Lawyers for alleged Saudi torture victims going after Saudi assets in UK
A UK lawyer representing three Westerners allegedly tortured in a Saudi Arabian prison said Tuesday that her firm would attempt to seize Saudi assets in Britain, including those of Saudi Arabian Airlines, as reparation for the men's mistreatment (More)
Kuwait approves women's right to vote, run for office
In a historic move Monday, the Kuwait National Assembly passed a law granting women the right to both run and vote in parliamentary elections. The legislation passed in the all-male parliament by a vote of 35 to 23 on an issue that had spurred stro (More)
Saudi reformers calling for constitutional monarchy get prison terms
Three Saudi reformers on trial for sedition and using Western tactics in calling for the institution of a limited constitutional monarchy in Saudi Arabia were sentenced to prison terms of six to nine years Sunday. Human rights observers and family m (More)
Top Saudi religious official bans forced marriages
The top religious official in Saudi Arabia has banned the practice of allowing parents to force women to marry. Sheik Abdul-Aziz al-Sheik said in a statement that coercion to marry was "un-Islamic," and that fathers who forced their daugh (More)
Dutch officials question US security decision to block airplane
Dutch officials Monday demanded an explanation as to why a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight was forced to turn around by US authorities on Friday. The 278 passengers aboard the flight returned to Amsterdam 11 hours later after the airline was refuse (More)
Annan tells controversial UN rights commission its days are numbered
UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan told the much-criticized UN Commission on Human Rights Thursday that its declining credibility had "cast a shadow" over the whole United Nations and that the institution needed to frame a new permanent huma (More)