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Electronic Communication Should Force FOIA Advancement
JURIST Guest Columnist Sarah Lamdan of the CUNY School of Law discusses the urgent need for federal agencies to reform their records management and data preservation and search functions so that they are not crippled by FOIA requests for email accoun (More)
Why the US Should Adopt VAT
JURIST Guest Columnist João Gonçalves of the Universidade de Lisboa, Faculty of Law discusses the advantages of VAT for an economic system... Europe may seem the worst class of students for the US to find for fiscal lessons, but as the necessity for (More)
There is Still Time: Crimes Against Humanity in Bulgaria's Domestic Legal Order
JURIST Guest Columnist Stoyan Panov of the University College Freiburg briefly discusses the criminalization of crimes against humanity in Bulgaria ... In early May 2015 a group of 12 MPs in Bulgaria proposed an amendment bill to the Criminal Cod (More)
The EU Confronts the Ukraine Crisis—Carefully Handling the Double-edged Sword of Self-determination?
JURIST Guest Columnist Larry Eaker of the American University of Paris discusses the EU's position on the Ukraine Crisis ... "United in Diversity"—The Official EU Motto The sweeping expansion of the EU over the past 20 years has seemed to hit (More)
Everyone Benefits From Religious Liberty Protections
JURIST Guest Columnist Jordan Lorence of Alliance Defending Freedom discusses the benefits of religious freedom to liberty protections ... Listening carefully to objections to state religious freedom laws, two assum (More)
Hall v. Florida: Over Relying on a Single Source to Set a National Standard
JURIST Guest Columnist Susan Schneider, Syracuse University College of Law, Class of 2015, explores criticisms of the DSM-5 after the US Supreme Court used it as the sole national standard to define intellectual disability in Hall v. Florida...In it (More)
Michigan's So-Called 'Right to Work' Laws Face Legal Challenges
JURIST Guest Columnist Karla Swift of the Michigan State AFL-CIO argues that the "right to work" laws enacted by the Michigan Legislature in 2012 are unconstitutional and were enacted in violation of Michigan's Open Meeting Act... (More)
No Compromise: Arlen Specter's Surveillance Bill
JURIST Special Guest Columnist Shayana Kadidal, one of the lead attorneys on the Center for Constitutional Rights' challenge to the NSA domestic surveillance program, says that Senator Arlen Specter's "compromise" bill to bring such (More)
International brief ~ US signals agreement to ICC jurisdiction on Darfur
In Thursday's international brief, a US administration official said Wednesday night that the US would accept a pending French resolution, delayed from Wednesday , authorizing the International Criminal Court to investigate and try possible hum (More)