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Accelerating Progress: State Laws Governing Autonomous Vehicles
JURIST Guest Columnist John Terwilleger, of Gunster, discusses the development and regulation of "driverless" vehicles and how federal and state governments are addressing this emerging technology... Self-driving, or “autonomo (More)
A Step Forward: the UN & Justice for Syria
JURIST Guest Columnist David M. Crane, founding Chief Prosecutor of the international war crimes tribunal in West Africa, discusses the UN's recent action that will allow for independent justice-seeking organizations to hold accountable parties commi (More)
Tort Litigation About Guns Will Continue
JURIST contributing editor Allen Rostron of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law discusses recent developments in lawsuits seeking to impose tort liability for negligent sale of firearms. While gun dealers continue to face a substanti (More)
An Insider's Perspective on Medical Marijuana
JURIST Guest Columnist Amy St. John, manager at Earth's Healing, shares some professional experiences and personal opinions from her time spent working inside the marijuana industry...I have worked in the medical marijuana industry since 2013 in bot (More)
The Iran Sanctions Extension Act: Enforcement Overkill
JURIST Guest Columnist Professor John B. Quigley of the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law argues that international changes to approaching and monitoring Iran's nuclear program have made recent congressional action unnecessary... The Iran (More)
Fear, Loathing and Jeff Sessions on State-Legal Marijuana
JURIST Guest Columnist Hilary Bricken, of Canna Law Group, discusses the Trump administration and how it could impact the status of cannabis at the state level...With a recent Gallup poll showing 60 percent of Americans favor cannabis legalization, (More)
The Most Significant Gain from Cannabis Legalization: One Lawyer's Perspective
JURIST Guest Columnist Jody H. Lehrer, of Northeastern Institute of Cannabis , discusses the national movement towards the legalization of cannabis...With increasing frequency states are enacting laws, either through legislators or through voter in (More)
Thinking Beyond the ICJ's Marshall Islands Judgment
JURIST Guest Columnist Mohit Gupta, an International Law Masters student at South Asian University discusses an October ICJ ruling against the Marshall Islands concerning India's failure to meet customary international law concerning halting developm (More)
For Native Americans, Jim Crow is Alive & Well in the West
JURIST Guest Columnist Tom Rodgers, a Washington, DC-based lawyer engaged in Native American economic and social empowerment advocacy, discusses the equal access challenges faced by Native American voters in the West in light of the resurgent voting (More)
New Anti-Discrimination ABA Model Rule is Not an Attack on Speech Rights
JURIST Guest Columnist Mark Johnson Roberts, Chair of the American Bar Association Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, responds that the new anti-discrimination ABA Model Rule is not an attack on free speech... On (More)