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Zimbabwe opposition leader petitions high court to set aside 2002 election results
Lawyers for Morgan Tsvangirai , opposition leader in Zimbabwe , on Thursday petitioned that country's high court to hear Tsvangirai's legal challenge to President Mugabe's 2002 election victory. As leader of the Movement for Democratic (More)
Zimbabwe drops treason charge against opposition leader
Zimbabwe dropped a second treason charge against opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Tuesday, clearing him of charges. Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), was acquitted of plotting to kill President Robert Mugabe in (More)
International brief ~ Sudan to approve draft constitution
Leading Monday's international brief, Sudanese Speaker of the National Assembly Ahmad Ibrahim al-Tahir has announced that the Sudanese Parliament will approve the draft interim constitution scheduled for final reading on Wednesday, July 6. The (More)
International brief ~ Zimbabwe opposition challenges election in court
Topping Tuesday's international brief, leaders from the Zimbabwean opposition party Movement for Democratic Change have filed the first of nearly a dozen legal challenges to the validity of the March 31 elections in Zimbabwe . MDC Legal Affair (More)
Opposition claims proof of election fraud in Zimbabwe
Morgan Tsvangirai , president of the Zimbabwean opposition party Movement for Democratic Change , announced Wednesday that the MDC had proof of "serious and unaccountable gaps" between the totals of reported votes and tallied votes in one (More)
International brief ~ Annan questions fairness of Zimbabwe elections
In Tuesday's international brief, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has questioned the fairness of the recent national elections in Zimbabwe . In a statement issued Monday, Annan said that he was concerned that the electoral process failed to ass (More)
Opposition rejects Zimbabwe poll results; Mugabe promises constitutional change
Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai Saturday rejected the official results of national parliamentary elections held Thursday. The official tally gave President Robert Mugabe's ruling party 74 seats, while Tsvangirai's party, the Mov (More)
International brief ~ Zimbabwe elections said to fall short of standards
In Friday's international brief, reports filtering out of Zimbabwe following Thursday's national elections indicate that the vote is being heavily criticized. Foreign media have been continually denied access to the country, and domestic m (More)
Zimbabwe high court rules expatriates can't vote
The Zimbabwe Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Zimbabwean citizens living outside the country would not be permitted to participate in upcoming parliamentary elections. The ruling affects 3.4 million people representing over 20% of Zimbabwe's to (More)
International brief ~ UN panel affirms right to pre-emptive attack
The High Level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change appointed by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan filed a report Wednesday containing over 100 suggestions for improving the role of the UN in preventing and managing global conflicts. Significantly (More)
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