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DOJ considered politics in immigration judge appointments : WP report
At least one-third of the 37 immigration judges appointed by the Justice Department since 2004 are highly-connected Republicans or Bush administration insiders and half of those appointed lacked prior experience in immigration law, the Washington Po (More)
DOJ confirms widened internal probe on politicized hiring decisions
The Office of Inspector General and Office of Professional Responsibility of the US Department of Justice (DOJ) have expanded internal investigations into whether politics played a role in hiring decisions within the department, the DOJ confirmed (More)
DOJ expands investigation into politicized hiring decisions
The US Department of Justice Office of Professional Responsibility has expanded its investigation into whether department aides illegally made hiring decisions based on consideration of applicants' political beliefs, the Los Angeles Times repo (More)
Gonzales no-confidence vote set for mid-June in Senate
The US Senate has scheduled debate and a vote on a resolution expressing the Senate's lack of confidence in Attorney General Alberto Gonzales for mid-June. Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) said Thursday that 26 Democratic senators join him in c (More)
Goodling denies key role in US Attorney firings, disputes McNulty testimony
Former US Department of Justice aide Monica Goodling testified before the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday about the fired US Attorneys scandal , saying she did not play a key role in the firings but believed that previous Senate Judiciary Com (More)
Goodling not complying with documents subpoena without DOJ approval
Former Department of Justice aide Monica Goodling told the House Judiciary Committee in a letter Tuesday that she will not give up documents sought by the committee in compliance with a subpoena for e-mails and other papers relating to the firings (More)
Federal judge approves Goodling immunity in US Attorney firings
US District Judge Thomas Hogan approved an offer of immunity Friday for former Department of Justice aide Monica Goodling , clearing the way for Goodling's testimony before Congress on the firings of eight US Attorneys . Under Hogan's order (More)
US House panel questions Gonzales on US Attorney firings
Members of the US House Judiciary Committee questioned Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Thursday about the US Attorney firing scandal , demanding to know whether White House officials ordered the firings of prosecutors for political reasons. Gonz (More)
Ninth US Attorney claims political firing
Former US Attorney Todd P. Graves was forced to resign from his post with the Western District of Missouri last year after he expressed a difference of opinion with the Department of Justice (DOJ) on politically sensitive cases, Graves told the Ne (More)
Senators pursuing possible link between US Attorney firing and voter fraud suits
The US Senate Judiciary Committee Monday sent a letter to a former federal prosecutor, asking him to speak with investigators looking into the recent US Attorney firing scandal and a possible link to voter fraud prosecutions. The Committee seeks t (More)