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Bahrain sentences human rights activist
A Bahraini court Sunday sentenced human rights activist Abdul Hadi al-Khawaja to one year in prison for inciting hatred against the government. Al-Khawaja, the vice president of the now banned Bahrain Center for Human Rights, had accused the governm (More)
Iraqi Electoral Commission sets Jan. 30 for national elections
The Iraqi Electoral Commission announced Sunday that it has set January 30, 2005 as the date for national elections. Iraqis will vote for 275 members of a transitional parliament that will pick a new government and draft a permanent constitution to (More)
Bush signs law increasing US public debt limit
Following Senate approval on Wednesday, and Thursday's 208-204 vote in the GOP-controlled House of Representatives, President Bush Friday signed a bill to increase the public debt limit of the United States by $800 billion. The debt allowance i (More)
Egypt requests release of Guantanamo Bay prisoners
Egyptian officials have requested the release of five Egyptian Guantanamo Bay prisoners after the US government placed them in the "least dangerous" category of detention. The US State Department says it will soon explain the procedures fo (More)
Iraqi officials call for delay of January election
Senior officials from Iraq's political parties have called for a two or three month delay of the country's planned January election, citing ongoing violence. During a one-day summit in Northern Iraq Thursday, Ibrahim al-Janabi, aide to Iraq (More)
Legal agenda and live webcasts ~ Monday, November 15
Here's a run-down of law-related events, expected developments and live webcasts on JURIST's docket for Monday, November 15.The US Senate Governmental Affairs Committee Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations will hold a 12 PM ET hearing on (More)
White House orders purge of disloyal CIA staffers
The White House has ordered new CIA director Porter Goss to eliminate officers from the CIA who are believed to have been disloyal to President Bush or to have leaked to the media damaging information about the conduct of operations in the Middle Ea (More)
Palestinians set January 9 election date
Palestinians will vote on January 9, 2005, to elect a successor to Palestinian Authority president Yasser Arafat, who died Thursday. Under the Palestinan Basic Law, elections must be held within 60 days of Arafat's death. Several candidates have (More)
UK human rights report examines rights record of terror groups, not just states
Britain's Foreign & Commonwealth Office has released its Human Rights Annual Report 2004, placing new emphasis on the denial of human rights by terrorist groups, not just governments. In introducing the report in London Wednesday, UK Foreig (More)
Interim Palestinian president, new PLO chairman named after Arafat's death
Rauhi Fattouh, speaker of the Palestinian parliament, was sworn in Thursday to succeed Yasser Arafat as temporary president of the Palestinian Authority (website content has been replaced by a notice of Arafat's death). Under Article 54(2) of t (More)