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Israel court sentences Jewish settler to life for killing Palestinian family
An Israeli court sentenced a Jewish settler to life in prison plus 20 years on Monday for murdering a Palestinian family in a 2015 firebomb attack on their home in the occupied West Bank.The district court determined that Amiram Ben-Uliel led a r (More)
UN experts urge Security Council to refer Yemen war crimes to International Criminal Court
A UN group of experts has called on the UN Security Council to refer the international human rights violations and war crimes committed in the ongoing Yemen conflict to the International Criminal Court.The Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen conclu (More)
Saudi court sentences 7 militants to death over 2014 shooting attack
A Saudi court sentenced seven militants to death Wednesday over a 2014 shooting attack near Al-Ahsa that killed eight Shiite Muslims. Three suspected Daesh members opened fire on Shiites who were celebrating Ashura, the Muslim holy day observed on th (More)
Assessing the Status of Hagia Sophia as a 'Mosque' under the UNESCO Convention
On July 10th, Turkey’s top administrative court handed down a decision to revoke Hagia Sophia's status as a museum, paving the way for the 1,500-year-old former basilica to be opened as a mosque again with changes to Hagia Sophia’s architecture. This (More)
There Is No Ascertainable Proof that the Bar Exam and the MPRE Protect the Public
An August 5, 2020 webinar organized by the University of Miami received a great deal of attention for remarks made by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) president Judith Gunderson suggesting that NCBE critics might encounter difficulties (More)
Unilateral Humanitarian Interventions and the Legitimate Use of Force Under American Interpretations
The death of Iranian major general Qasem Soleimani, on January 3, 2020, revived the discussions and interpretations regarding national security on the international scene, the “right to protect”, the legitimate defense and the legality of the attack (More)
US State Department did not evaluate civilian risk in Saudi Arabia arms transfers: report
The US State Department did not evaluate risks of civilian casualties and implement measures to reduce them when it approved $8.1 billion arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in May 2019, according to an Office of Inspector General (More)
Sandwiched between COVID and Economic Sanctions: Is India’s Renewable Energy on the Right Track?
Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently inaugurated India’s largest solar power plant of capacity 750 MW in Rewa, a small district in Madhya Pradesh, asserting India’s ability to be a global green energy hub internationally. It is specifically flatteri (More)
Lebanon government resigns amid anger over Beirut explosion, widespread corruption
Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced on public television Monday that his cabinet was resigning following three days of protests over the Beirut explosion and alleged government corruption.On August 4 an explosion at Beirut's shipping po (More)
Rights organization calls for impartial investigation of Beirut blast
Human Rights Watch (HRW) called Thursday for an impartial investigation into the explosion at Beirut's shipping port on Tuesday. HRW said that the investigation, conducted by independent experts, should determine the causes and responsibility for the (More)
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