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Boycotts, International Law Enforcement and the UK's 'Anti-Boycott' Note
JURIST Guest Columnist Valentina Azarova of Birzeit University Institute of Law discusses how the UK Note is a reminder that greater clarity is needed in the context of the use of boycotts as a means of international law enforcement... On February 17 (More)
Vojislav Šešelj's Acquittal at the ICTY: Law in an Alternate Universe
JURIST Guest Columnist Gregory S. Gordon of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law discusses the ICTY's acquittal of Vojislav Šešelj and the serious set-back it could represent for the development of international criminal law ... On Ma (More)
In Israel, Atypical Detention and Typical Judicial Review
JURIST Guest Columnist Sari Bashi of Human Rights Watch discusses the flaws of Israeli judicial review in the context of Mohammed al-Qeeq's hunger strike... After 93 days of refusing food, an emaciated Palestinian journalist named M (More)
Life—It's Worth a Second Look
JURIST Guest Columnist Daniel J. Wright of The Law Office of Daniel Wright discusses the need to revisit life without parole sentencing in the US justice system..."No one truly knows a nation," Nelson Mandela wrote, "until one has been inside its jai (More)
When Equitable Remedies Give Way to Remedies at Law (or How to Avoid a Benefits Plan's Subrogation Clause)
JURIST Guest Columnist John W. Klinker of Loyola University Chicago School of Law discusses how the decision in Montanile potentially creates a precedent that could affect the funding of welfare benefit plans... A common term in welfare benefit plans (More)
Zika Virus and the Intersection of Medical and Legal Triage
JURIST Guest Columnists James G. Hodge, Jr. of the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Arizona State University (ASU), John L. Hick of the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, Dan Hanfling of the UPMC Center for Health Security and Sarah Wette (More)
Mind the Gap between Poor and Rich: An Equal Rights Approach is Key in Global Development
JURIST Guest Columnist Dimitrina Petrova of Equal Rights Trust discusses the need to reduce inequality as a development goal in order to reach a prime Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)... As we entered 2016, a new resolution to "tr (More)
The Genocide Rhetoric in Burundi
JURIST Guest Columnist Pacifique Manirakiza of the University of Ottawa Law School discusses the debate surrounding what is going on in Burundi and proposes a different view... Burundi is undergoing a political and constitutional crisis. Following t (More)
A Common Bond: How The Community and Existing Regulations Can Solve America's Affordable Housing Shortage
JURIST Guest Columnist Azariah Jelks of Valparaiso University Law School of Class 2016 discusses the importance of coming together as a community in order to solve the problem of affordable housing in the US... With the price of housing steadily ris (More)
Patent Ownership Disclosure and Real Party-In-Interest Regulation
JURIST Guest Columnist Xiaoying Zhang of the University of Pittsburgh, School of Law discusses how patent ownership disclosure should be regulated... On June 4, 2013, the White House issued five executive actions designed to increase the transparen (More)