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9/11 counsel testifies at German terror trial as defense calls for Bush
New York Deputy Attorney General Dietrich Snell, former senior counsel to the now-defunct 9/11 Commission, testified as anticipated Tuesday before a German court retrying the case of Mounir el Motassadeq , a Moroccan accused of being an accomplice (More)
Final French Gitmo detainees tranferred
The US Department of Defense Monday confirmed the release and transfer to France of three French detainees in Guantanamo Bay to France "for prosecution". Mustaq Ali Patel, Ridouane Khalid and Khaled Ben Mustafa were the last three French (More)
US, France agree to transfer of remaining French citizens from Gitmo
The US has agreed to transfer the last three French citizens being held at Guantanamo Bay to France, with an official announcement of the agreement expected later Tuesday. The remaining detainees are Mustaq Ali Patel, Ridouane Khalid and Khaled Ben (More)
Malaysia softens stance on illegal immigration
Malaysian officials extended Malaysia's amnesty for illegal immigrants indefinitely Wednesday based on a request from Indonesia, according to Home Minister Azmi Khalid. Indonesia, whose citizens make up a majority of illegal immigrants in Mala (More)
Malaysian government delays campaign against illegal immigrants
The Malaysian government has delayed arresting illegal immigrants after threatening a major campaign against hundreds of thousands of foreign workers once a three-month amnesty period closed Monday. Malaysian Home Secretary Azmi Khalid said arrests (More)
Dismissal of Guantanamo prisoners' claims for habeas [US DC]
Khalid v. Bush and Boumediene v. Bush, United States District Court for the District of Columbia, Judge Richard Leon, January 19, 2005 . Excerpt:Thus, to the extent these non-resident detainees have rights, they are subject to both the military revie (More)