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Partial Iraqi government sworn-in
New Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari and 27 Cabinet members were sworn in Tuesday as Iraq's first post-Saddam elected government. That government remains incomplete, however, with five ministries under temporary leadership and two depu (More)
UPDATE ~ Chalabi named to deputy prime minister post in new Iraq cabinet
Following up on a story reported Thursday on JURIST, prominent Iraqi politician Ahmad Chalabi [Wikipedia profile; JURIST news archive] was named deputy prime minister and acting oil ministry chief in the Cabinet approved Wednesday by the interim nat (More)
Iraqi assembly approves partial Cabinet
Iraqi lawmakers have approved a partial Cabinet for the country's interim government after months of delay over the final list. Incoming Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari submitted a list that included 27 ministers and 5 acting ministers, which (More)
Rumsfeld warns Iraqi government to avoid corruption, political purges
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld [official profile; JURIST news archive] on Tuesday warned Iraqi interim leaders to avoid political purgings that could lead to corruption in the government in the wake of its recent formation. He also urged the gove (More)
Ibrahim al-Jaafari named new Iraqi prime minister
Iraq's new presidential council , formally sworn-in on Thursday, has named Shiite Arab Ibrahim al-Jaafari as interim prime minister replacing outgoing interim PM Iyad Allawi . The long-awaited announcement gives Iraq its first democratically (More)
Iraqi lawmakers settle on Kurd for presidency with Sunni, Shiite VPs
Members of Iraq's National Assembly Tuesday reached agreement on a president and vice presidents for the transitional government. Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani will be named president Wednesday, while Shiite Adel Abdul Mahdi and Sunni Ghazi Ya (More)
Iraqi PM candidate calls for religious law, quick Saddam trial
Ibrahim Jaafari, Iraq's leading Shiite candidate for Prime Minister, said Saturday that he would introduce Sharia Islamic law and federalism if selected. Jaafari's Daawa party currently holds a majority of National Assembly seats from the (More)
Iraq assembly slated to meet March 16
Iraqi deputy prime minister Barham Salih said Sunday that the transitional national assembly chosen in the January 30 elections and responsible for drafting a permanent constituton for Iraq replacing the current Transitional Administrative Law wou (More)