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Defense witnesses recant testimony in Saddam trial
Four defense witnesses in the trial of Saddam Hussein said Monday that they were coerced into testifying by the former Iraqi president's bodyguards and coached by his lead lawyer. Two of the witnesses said in confessions read in court that they (More)
Jordan officials arrest four lawmakers as Zarqawi sympathizers
Jordanian authorities have detained four lawmakers from the Islamic Action Front (IAF) , the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood , who allegedly expressed sympathy after the death of al Qaeda Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi [CTV report; JURIST (More)
Iraq Interior Ministry announcement follows news of Zarqawi death
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki announced Thursday that Iraq's parliament has approved his nominee for the country's controversial Interior Ministry, ending a three-week stalemate between Shiite and Sunni political blocs. Nominees for (More)
Saddam lawyers say witnesses 'illegally' detained
Defense lawyers in the Saddam Hussein trial on Thursday accused US and Iraqi officials of illegally detaining four witnesses who testified Wednesday that chief prosecutor Jaafar al-Musawi had tried to bribe them to testify against Hussein , and tha (More)
Iraq PM vows to fight rampant government corruption
New Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has announced he will focus on fighting corruption, which Iraqi and US officials say is rampant in the government. The problem is a long-standing one, but documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times indicate th (More)
Hardline Shiite constitutional negotiator named as new Iraqi PM
Iraq President Jalal Talabani formally designated hardline Shiite politician Jawad al-Maliki to form a new government Saturday, giving him 30 days to present his Cabinet to Parliament for approval. Shiites nominated al-Maliki on Friday after outg (More)
Saddam prosecutor to present evidence on campaign against Kurds
Documents showing Saddam Hussein's role in Iraq's 1987-1989 Anfal campaign against the Kurds are ready to be presented to the Iraqi High Criminal Court [official website; JURIST news archive], according to Jaafar Al Moussawi, the chief pros (More)
Saddam trial resumes after critical UN report
The Saddam Hussein trial resumed in Baghdad Sunday without any disruptions as three co-defendants took the stand to testify about the killings of 142 Shiites in the Iraqi town of Dujail after a failed 1982 attempt on Hussein's life. It was the (More)
Iraq PM imposes new Baghdad curfew
The Iraqi government placed Baghdad under a daytime vehicular curfew on Friday in an attempt to quell the sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shiites that has wracked the country since the bombing of the Askariya shrine [Telegraph report] on Febru (More)
BREAKING NEWS ~ Saddam admits ordering trial of Dujail villagers, but denies crime
Saddam Hussein admitted in court Wednesday that he had ordered the trial of a group of Shiites who were executed under his regime in the 1980s and that he had ordered that their land be confiscated, but he also asserted that his actions were not cr (More)