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Saddam defense lawyers threatened with misconduct complaints after Dujail verdict
Iraqi High Tribunal officials said Sunday following the handing down of death sentences to Saddam Hussein and two others in the Dujail crimes against humanity case that they would file complaints against several defense lawyers for alleged miscondu (More)
Saddam Dujail verdict could be delayed again: Iraqi prosecutor
Jaafar al-Mussawi, chief prosecutor in the trial of Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity, said Sunday that the trial verdict could once again be delayed. The Iraqi High Tribunal had postponed the original October 16 verdict until at least (More)
No verdict date set in Saddam Dujail case
The Iraqi High Tribunal convened briefly Monday and announced that the next hearing on the crimes against humanity charges brought against Saddam Hussein will be on November 5, though the court refused to say whether a verdict will be handed down (More)
Date for Hussein Dujail verdict to be announced Monday
Jaafar al-Mussawi, chief prosecutor in the trial of Saddam Hussein , said Sunday that court proceedings will not resume Monday as scheduled. The Iraqi High Tribunal is instead expected to announce the date the verdict against Hussein and his co-d (More)
Former Iraqi electricity minister named in new corruption crackdown
A former Iraqi Minister of Electricity was named Saturday as one of a number of former and current officials charged with corruption by Iraq's Commission on Public Integrity [US State Dept. backgrounder; CPA press release] or ordered to appear b (More)
Jordan lawmakers convicted of incitement after Zarqawi comments
A Jordan military court Sunday convicted two lawmakers from the Islamic Action Front (IAF) , the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood [party website; FAS backgrounder], for expressing sympathy after the death of al Qaeda Iraq leader Abu Musab al- (More)
Saddam hospitalized for tube feeding after hunger strike makes health 'unstable'
Saddam Hussein has been hospitalized and is being fed through a tube after a hunger strike now into its third week rendered his health "unstable," according to the chief prosecutor for the Iraqi court currently trying him for crimes again (More)
Hussein lawyers ask International Criminal Court to investigate violations
Lawyers for Saddam Hussein turned to the International Criminal Court (ICC) Thursday, asking it to investigate alleged violations of law regarding his treatment and that of defense witnesses by US personnel. A copy of the application obtained by A (More)
New Saddam trial on Anfal charges set for August 21
Saddam Hussein and at least six co-defendants will face a second trial beginning August 21 for allegedly killing 100,000 Kurds during the so-called "Anfal" operation in northern Iraq in the 1980s, the Iraqi High Tribunal said Tuesday. T (More)
Saddam prosecutors demand death penalty in closing arguments
The prosecution in the Saddam Hussein trial presented closing arguments Monday, calling for the death penalty for Hussein, his half-brother Barzan al-Tikriti, former chief judge of the Revolutionary Court Awad Hamed al-Bander, and former senior reg (More)