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Canadian PM apologizes for corruption scandal, promises election after report
In a rare televised address to the nation , Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin apologized Thursday night for a sponsorship scandal that has shaken his Liberal Party . During his address, Martin acknowledged allegations of money laundering and kic (More)
Federal lawmakers scramble to halt removal of Schiavo feeding tube
In eleventh-hour attempts to prevent the removal of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube scheduled for 1 PM Friday, US congressional committees Friday morning called hearings and issued subpoenas that could procedurally delay the withdrawal. The Senate (More)
Posner [Chicago]: Social Security Reform
Richard Posner, University of Chicago Law School:"One of the commonest objections to President Bush's proposal for reform of social security is that there is no need to act now because there is no "crisis." Yet the same people who (More)
Posner [Chicago]: Tort Reform
Richard Posner, University of Chicago Law School:"There is a movement afoot, assisted by the strengthening of Republican control over Congress, to impose federal limits on tort litigation, particularly medical malpractice; premiums for malpracti (More)
Bush calls for Congress to limit lawsuits
Speaking at a White House economic forum Wednesday, President Bush called on the new Congress to pass what he called "meaningful liability reform" on asbestos, on class action, and medical liability by curbing lawsuits in these areas which (More)
Malloy [Cincinnati]: New HHS Secretary Nominated
Elizabeth Malloy, University of Cincinnati College of Law:"President Bush today selected Mike Leavitt, the current EPA Chief, to be the new Secretary of Health and Human Services. In making his selection, President Bush said that Leavitt is a &q (More)