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Judge bars federal agents in Portland from using force against journalists, legal observers
A judge for the US District Court for the District of Oregon on Thursday granted a temporary restraining order against federal agents in Portland to prevent them from arresting or using physical force against journalists or legal observers.Federa (More)
PM CARES: Necessity of a Locked Up 'Public Fund'
On 31st December 2019, China notified the World Health Organization about a cluster of pneumonia-like cases in Wuhan. Rapidly, the disease spread from one province of China to the rest of the world. The WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak, a pandemic (More)
Slack files EU antitrust complaint against Microsoft
Business communications platform Slack Technologies announced Wednesday that it had filed an antitrust complaint against Microsoft Corp. in the European Union (EU).In the complaint, Slack accuses Microsoft of trying to eradicate competition throu (More)
Sixteen states file Supreme Court brief supporting constitutional challenge to Super PACs
Sixteen states led by Washington State filed an amicus brief in the US Supreme Court Wednesday urging the Court to take a case arguing that the unlimited amount of funds that can be donated against or in support of political candidates through Super (More)
Ousted Sudan president Omar al-Bashir goes on trial for 1989 coup
Sudan's ousted president, Omar al-Bashir, went on trial Tuesday in the capital city of Khartoum for spearheading the 1989 coup d'état that brought him to power. After the opening of the trial on Tuesday, proceedings were adjourned until August 11. (More)
US State Department sanctions Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced sanctions against Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov on Monday due to human rights violations dating back more than a decade. Pompeo said the State Department has "extensive credible information that Kadyrov is (More)
DOJ announces indictment of Chinese hackers for stealing COVID-19 research
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) on Tuesday announced the indictment of two hackers, Li Xiaoyu and Dong Jiazhi, for attempting to steal COVID-19 research. Both hackers currently work for Guangdong Province International Affairs Research Center in C (More)
Reforming Digital Lending Libraries and the End of the Internet Archive
Four US publishers, including three from the big five, have sued the Internet Archive (IA) for mass copyright infringement under its emergency library program (ELP). IA is known for championing Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) through its open librar (More)
Indian Ban on Chinese Apps: Does the Move Contradict WTO Rules?
The Indian Government took the global media by storm when it announced a ban on 59 Chinese apps in India to counter the threat posed by these applications to the country’s “sovereignty and security”. The ban has been imposed under Section 69A of the (More)
Mt. Rushmore Is Too Small: A Walking Tour of Montgomery for My Students
This essay describes a walk not taken with my students. Here is a pdf version for anyone that might like to have a copy of this material for personal or educational use.The purpose of the walk was to show one thing: a big monument cannot fix a sm (More)