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Zimbabwe enacts law banning foreign-funded rights groups
The Zimbabwe parliament Thursday passed a controversial bill banning foreign-funded human rights groups from operating in the country and requiring all other rights groups to register with the governmet. Pro-government legislators have accused outsi (More)
Podgor [Georgia State]: The Latest on Martha Stewart: Who is Being Punished?
Ellen Podgor, Georgia State University College of Law:"While Martha Stewart remains incarcerated, the world is continuing outside the prison grounds of "camp cupcake." The latest, according to Reuters, is that Martha Stewart will star (More)
UK discriminated against Gypsy refugees, says high court
The UK House of Lords ruled Thursday that immigration controls set up by the British government had systematically discriminated against Roma Gypsies trying to enter Britain, largely from the Czech Republic where many faced prosecution. Roma, known (More)
California to sue federal government over abortion funding ban
California Attorney General Bill Lockyer has announced that his state will sue the federal government to block enforcement of the so-called Weldon amendment, a provision in a massive federal appropriations bill awaiting signature by President Bush t (More)
US special ops soldiers punished for using stun guns on Iraqi prisoners
A Pentagon spokeman has said that four members of an elite US military special operations team have received administrative punishment for using Tasers - electronic stun guns - on Iraqi prisoners. Taser devices subdue human targets by delivering a s (More)
BREAKING NEWS ~ Senate approves intelligence bill
AP is reporting that the Senate has passed the revised conference version of the intelligence reform bill adopted yesterday by the House.5:20 PM ET - The vote was 89-2. Reuters now has a story here. (More)
BREAKING NEWS ~ Ukraine parliament approves electoral, constitutional reforms
BBC News is reporting that the Ukrainian parliament has passed reform measures to eliminate fraud from the re-run of the presidential vote later this month, and to weaken the president's powers.9:15 AM ET - More details are now available here. A (More)
Pentagon report slams Air Force leadership for assaults on female cadets
A long-awaited reported to Congress by the US Defense Department Inspector General has concluded that "leadership failures" by multiple Air Force secretaries, military chiefs of staff, legal officers and superintendents of the Air Force Ac (More)
US soldier to be court-martialed for killing Iraqi driver
The US Army said Tuesday that it will convene a court-martial for US Captain Rogelio Maynulet, accused of murdering an Iraqi driver who had been injured by US soldiers during a militia sweep in May. Lawyers for Maynulet said that the driver was sho (More)
Electoral reform laws stall again in Ukraine parliament
The Ukrainian parliament adjourned again Tuesday without passing a revised electoral reform package previously agreed to in principle by the leaders of the major political factions in the country's ongoing electoral dispute. The parliament had f (More)