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French court sentences Islamic militants for New Year's bomb plot
A French court Thursday sentenced 10 Islamic militants for up to ten years each in prison for their roles in a failed plot to detonate a bomb in a Strasbourg market on New Year's Eve 2000. All the men (including one said to be an associate of Os (More)
Bush calls for Congress to limit lawsuits
Speaking at a White House economic forum Wednesday, President Bush called on the new Congress to pass what he called "meaningful liability reform" on asbestos, on class action, and medical liability by curbing lawsuits in these areas which (More)
Saddam has first meeting with lawyers
Former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, now held by the US for over a year at a facility outside Baghdad and due to be tried for war crimes, had his first meeting with members of his Jordanian-based legal defense team Thursday. A meeting last week ha (More)
UK high court rules against indefinite detention of foreign terror suspects without charge
In the landmark ruling Thursday, an extraordinary nine-judge panel of the UK House of Lords, Britain's highest court, held that the indefinite detention of foreign terror suspects without charge by the British government was contrary to the Euro (More)
First Circuit says Puerto Rico Supreme Court should rule on disputed ballots in gubernatorial race
The US First Circuit Court of Appeals sitting in Boston ruled Wednesday that the Puerto Rico Supreme Court, not the local US District Court in San Juan, should rule on a case concerning disputed ballots in the territory's November gubernatorial (More)
FCC loosens phone network lease rules, allows wireless Internet on planes, but puts indecency regs for satellite radio on hold
In a banner day in telecommunications regulation, the Federal Communications Commission Wednesday voted to lessen the strictness of regulations requiring major telephone carriers to lease lines to competitors at federally-mandated rates, and to faci (More)
ICJ rejects NATO bombing case for lack of jurisdiction
The International Court of Justice at The Hague ruled Wednesday that it could not hear a case brought by Serbia and Montenegro against eight NATO countries - Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands and Portugal - in respect (More)
Russian draft anti-terror law slammed
Critics of a new draft Russian anti-terror law said Wednesday that the legislation recently introduced in the Russian parliament by pro-Kremlin legislators in the wake of the Beslan school massacre this fall is far too broad, and is unduly restricti (More)
EU parliament votes to start accession talks with Turkey
The European Parliament in Strasbourg voted Wednesday to support the immediate start of European Commission talks with Turkey that could result in Turkey joining the European Union. The non-binding resolution passed 407-262. The MEPs did, however, i (More)
"Chemical Ali" first of Saddam associates to go on trial
Iraq's Defense Minister said Wednesday that Ali Hassan al-Majid, known in the West as "Chemical Ali" for his alleged responsibility for gassing Kurds in northern Iraq in the late 1980s, will be the first of Saddam Hussein's top aid (More)