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Sudan's Darfur region heading for anarchy: UN envoy
Senior UN official Jan Pronk told the UN Security Council Thursday that unless African Union troops enter the Sudan's Darfur region soon, the entire region might fall into anarchy. Pronk, the UN envoy for Darfur, said that rebels were gaining t (More)
UN Security Council Resolution 1564 on Sudan
United Nations Security Council, September 18, 2004. Read the Resolution here . Excerpt: The Security Coucil...Calls upon the Government of Sudan and the rebel groups, particularly the Justice and Equality Movement and the Sudanese Liberation Army/Mo (More)
The Crisis in Darfur - Secretary of State Colin Powell
Senate Foreign Relations Committee, September 9, 2004. Read Secretary Powell's prepared testimony here. Excerpt:Since the US became aware of atrocities occurring in Sudan, we have been reviewing the Genocide Convention and the obligations it plac (More)