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Switzerland court orders Julius Baer bank to pay German government for missing East German funds
The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland ordered Thursday that the bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd. (Julius Baer), as the successor of the Cantrade Private Bank Switzerland (Cantrade), must pay CHF 150 million to the German government. The case stems (More)
Regulatory Sandboxes: Initiatives for Innovation and Inclusion in the Philippines
The Philippines recognizes the need to calibrate its regulatory policies to encourage the entry of new and emerging technology and to foster an innovative mindset among key stakeholders in the technology sector.To incentivize innovation in the fi (More)
Act Now, Avert More Bar Exam Chaos Later
Now is the time for many state authorities to act decisively to avert more pandemic driven bar exam chaos. Without prompt action more testing failures, disruption, and delays are almost certain.The evidence is in. The case is open and shut. Conve (More)
We Made the Cut: Why is California Denying Licensure to Recent Grads During a Global Pandemic?
At the height of a global pandemic, and shortly after the expiration of the CARES Act which provided a temporary safety net to millions of Californians, the Supreme Court of California issued an order denying retroactivity of the 1390 Cal Bar Exam (C (More)
All the Cards Are Stacked Against Us: Gate Keeping in the Bar
As a minority, female, “non- traditional” bar applicant I have never felt so disenfranchised as I do now at the hands of Florida Bar Examiners and the deafening inaction of the Florida Bar and Supreme Court.I have failed this exam by just a few p (More)
The Orca, the App, and the Bar Exam
What do bar exams have in common with elections in the age of COVID-19, aside from the obvious implication that both are related to justice and the rule of law?Technology.While elections have been dealing with the pressures of technology for (More)
A Navy JAG Selectee's Case for Diploma Privilege
This year’s Judge Advocate General (JAG) Student Program selectees cannot afford a postponed bar exam or supervised practice alternatives that require bar passage at the next administration. The challenges faced by 2020 Bar Examinees across the count (More)
The Abject Failure of the Florida Board of Bar Examiners
The Florida Board of Bar Examiners (FBBE) is out of time. Applicants are out of energy. And everybody is out of patience. To be sure, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted all aspects of life for people around the globe, including the legal com (More)
The NCBE is a Joke, Give “Judge Judy” the Boot
The global pandemic brought out the best in many people. Every day, healthcare workers risk their lives to save others. Working people risk illness so others can shop at home. And regular people help their neighbors in need.Unfortunately, not eve (More)
US appeals court reverses $479M award to states in Affordable Care Act refund suit
The US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned a decision that would have required the federal government to return more than $479 million to six states that argued that the federal government had illegally collected a fee from them under the A (More)
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