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Supreme Court rules against Virginia House of Delegates in racial gerrymandering case
The Supreme Court ruled against the Virginia House of Delegates in a new racial gerrymandering case. The case began in 2011 when a group of citizens in twelve districts sued the State asserting that the districts had been created with intentional (More)
Kentucky Supreme Court strikes down victims' rights amendment
The Kentucky Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously invalidated a constitutional amendment known as "Marsy's law" that granted specific constitutional rights to victims of crimes. The court considered whether voters had been given sufficient inform (More)
New Hampshire approves bill amending controversial election law
The New Hampshire Senate on Thursday approved a bill to amend a controversial 2017 election law that required new voters to turn in documentation before voting. The new legislation was previously approved by the New Hampshire House and now goes t (More)
UK MP Boris Johnson to face Brexit misconduct charges
The Westminster Magistrate's Court ruled Wednesday that MP Boris Johnson must appear in court to face an accusation of misconduct in public office. The claim alleges that Johnson lied in order to encourage voters to leave the EU. Johnson was a pro (More)
India Supreme Court dismisses plea for stringent election norms
India's Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) seeking changes to the country's election result verification rules. The writ petition, filed by a collective of technocrats called "Tech4All," had sought a change in el (More)
Taiwan parliament legalizes same-sex marriage
The Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China (Taiwan), the country's parliament, approved a bill Friday legalizing same sex-marriage in the country. In May 2017 the country's highest court, the Judicial Yuan, mandated that the country legalize sa (More)
Maine Senate approves bill to give electoral college votes to national popular vote winner
The Maine Senate on Tuesday approved a bill that would pledge the state's Electoral College votes for president to the candidate who wins the popular vote across the country. If the House and Governor pass and sign the bill, Maine will becomes the (More)
Federal court denies Republicans' motion to stay gerrymander ruling
A three-judge panel of two US District judges and one Sixth Circuit judge on Thursday denied a motion from Ohio GOP lawmakers and the governor to stay a judgment requiring the state to redraw its congressional map in time for the 2020 election pendin (More)
Federal court throws out gerrymandered Ohio congressional map
A federal court ruled Friday that Ohio's congressional map was an unconstitutional gerrymander. The court ordered new maps to be drawn by June 14 so that they can be approved and used in the 2020 election. A three-judge panel for the US District (More)
HRW condemns Bolivia dismissal of judges
Human Rights Watch (HRW) accused Bolivia on Monday of undermining judicial independence in the country by arbitrarily dismissing nearly 100 judges since 2017 and called for the Organization of American States (OAS) to address the issue. The organi (More)
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