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EU lifts travel restrictions from 15 countries, bans US travelers
In a statement released on Tuesday, the EU announced they would lift travel restrictions from 15 nations but not the US.The nations approved include Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, Sou (More)
The Curbing of Fake News: A Pandemic Dilemma
There is a pertinent need to find a balance between free speech and the impact of fake news on a citizen’s safety.IntroductionThe World Health Organization (WHO) recently stated that world governments are fighting a battle on two fronts, Covi (More)
UN condemns Thailand poultry producer for silencing human rights defenders
A group of UN experts condemned Thammakaset, a Thai poultry producer, for alleged targeting of human rights defenders Thursday.In 2019, Thammakaset allegedly used Thai defamation laws to sue and have prosecuted ten individuals who criticized Tham (More)
China court sentences Hong Kong-born Swedish citizen for illegally providing information overseas
Gui Minhai, a Hong Kong-born bookseller who became a Swedish citizen in 1996, was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Tuesday by China's Ningbo Intermediate People's Court for illegally providing information overseas. Minhai originally disappeared in (More)
Thailand Constitutional Court dissolves opposition party
Thailand's Constitutional Court dissolved the Future Forward Party on Friday and banned 16 of its leaders from politics for 10 years. The party was charged with violations of election laws by taking a 191 million baht loan from the party's billionair (More)
Thailand Constitutional Court rules criminal code on abortion must be amended
The Constitutional Court for the Kingdom of Thailand issued a ruling on Wednesday that a provision in the criminal code regarding abortion violates the Constitution and ordered that it be amended.Section 301 of the Criminal Code provides that a w (More)
Thailand's Future Forward Party acquitted of charges of trying to overthrow monarchy
Thailand's Constitutional Court on Tuesday ruled that key figures of Thailand's opposition political party, Future Forward, were not guilty of seeking to overthrow the country's monarchy.The charges were based on social media posts and academic p (More)
Thailand court acquits red shirt protesters of all charges
A criminal court in Bangkok on Wednesday acquitted 24 leaders of the 2010 red shirt protests. The court dismissed all charges, including charges of terrorism, criminal association and inciting arrest.The case was brought by state prosecutors and (More)
A Day to Remember Justice
June 26 is a day designated by the United Nations as International Day in support of victims of torture. The General Assembly resolution creating the date imagined this as a day stakeholders - member states and their citizens - would unite in support (More)
Thailand passes controversial cybersecurity law
Thailand unanimously passed the Cybersecurity Act on Thursday that gives the government control over the internet.This act permits the National Cybersecurity Committee, led by Thailand's military, "to summon individuals for questioning and enter (More)
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