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Oklahoma Appellate Courts Wrestle Over Death Penalty Secrecy Statute
JURIST Columnist Adam R. Banner discusses the recent controversies surrounding the executions in Oklahoma..."They say lethal injection causes no pain. How do they know? Did someone come back from the dead and say they didn't feel an (More)
Conestoga, Hobby Lobby, and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act Explained
JURIST Guest Columnist Joseph La Rue of Alliance Defending Freedom discusses the significance of the Supreme Court's future ruling in the birth control mandate contained with the Affordable Care ActImagine that you are a member of P (More)
International Constitution-Making in Ukraine
JURIST Guest Columnist William Partlett of Columbia University School of Law discusses the current state of the controversy in Ukraine ...Constitution-making has rapidly moved to the forefront of the East-West standoff in the Ukraine. Prime Ministe (More)
Brandt v. United States: Will Property Law Doom Rail Trails?
JURIST Guest Columnist Brian T. Hodges of the Pacific Legal Foundation discusses the US Supreme Court's troubling decision in (More)
Heimeshoff v. Hartford Life Insurance: A View From The Plaintiff's Bar
JURIST Guest Columnists Mary Ellen Signorille and Kate T. Robinson of AARP Foundation Litigation discuss the implications of the US Supreme Court's future ruling in Heimeshoff v. Hartford Life Insurance... (More)
Brandt v. US: Should the Common Law of Property be Scrapped?
JURIST Guest Columnist Brian T. Hodges of the Pacific Legal Foundation discusses the controversies surrounding Brandt v. US... (More)
True Marriage Equality in California?
JURIST Guest Columnist Kevin Snider, Chief Counsel for the Pacific Justice Institute, reacts to the landmark Supreme Court decision striking down the proponents of Proposition 8 in Hollingsworth v. Perry... (More)
'Too Little Justice': Misdemeanor Defendants in the US
JURIST Guest Columnist Alba Morales, a researcher with Human Rights Watch, argues that indigent defendants are not receiving proper instructions regarding their right to counsel, a problem leading to uneducated plea bargains... (More)
Georgia's Cruel and Unusual Standard for Proving Mental Retardation
JURIST Guest Columnist Terrica Ganzy, Staff Attorney for the Southern Center for Human Rights, argues that Georgia's "beyond a reasonable doubt standard" for finding mental retardation in capital offenses is a nearly insurmountable standard... (More)
Same-Sex Marriage To Be 'Illegal' in the Church of England and Church in Wales
JURIST Columnist Paul Johnson, Anniversary Reader at the University of York, argues that the effect of an on-going human rights debate in the British Isles and the European Court of Human Rights may have a detrimental effect on the same-sex marriage (More)