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El Salvador Supreme Court releases 3 jailed ex-military officers
The Supreme Court of El Salvador on Saturday ordered the release of three ex-military officers who had been jailed for killing six Jesuit priests during the country's civil war. In 1989 a team of about 20 military officers stormed the University o (More)
Spain judge seeks arrest of Israel PM over 2010 flotilla attacks
A Spanish judge has effectively issued an "arrest warrant" for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu , ordering law enforcement to alert him if Netanyahu sets foot in the country, so that he may reopen the investigation into the 2010 Israeli flo (More)
Spain top court dismisses Rwanda war crimes case
The Supreme Court of Spain on Thursdayupheld the dismissal of a case investigating the Rwandan genocide . Spain modified its universal jurisdiction laws last year, and the court refused to lift the reform requirements (Art. 23, Organic Law 1/2014 (More)
UK releases Rwanda intelligence chief
A UK court on Monday dismissed a Spanish extradition request for Rwanda National Intelligence and Security Services head Karenzi Karake. Karake had been detained since his June arrest at a London airport, and the court ordered his release. A Europe (More)
UK arrests Rwanda intelligence chief on war crimes warrant
London's Metropolitan Police announced Tuesday that it has arrested Rwanda National Intelligence and Security Services head Karenzi Karake on an international warrant for war crimes. The European Arrest Warrant was issued in 2008 by Spanish High C (More)
Spain judge opens probe into Boko Haram militant group
A judge for Spain's National Court on Thursday opened a probe into Nigerian Islamist militant group Boko Haram for terrorism and crimes against humanity over a 2013 attack on a Nigerian town in which a Spanish nun was assaulted. Spain's universal jur (More)
Argentina judge asks Spain to extradite 20 Franco-era officials
A federal judge in Argentina on Friday requested that Spain arrest and extradite 20 former Spanish officials suspected of human rights violations during the dictatorship of Francisco Franco . The judge, Maria Servini de Cubria, said she is invoking (More)
Spain court upholds jurisdiction in 1989 El Salvador massacre case
The Criminal Chambers of the Spanish National Court decided unanimously Monday that Spain has jurisdiction to investigate the November 16, 1989, massacre of the Jesuits at the Central American University and their two employees as a crime against h (More)
Spain Supreme Court dismisses China human rights cases
Spain's Supreme Court on Monday dismissed two judicial investigations into allegations of Chinese genocide and human rights violations, due to a new law limiting Spanish judges' involvement in international cases. Earlier this year, Spain put an e (More)
Spain Parliament approves proposal to curb universal jurisdiction powers
Spain's Parliament on Tuesday approved a bill that will diminish the powers of Spanish courts to pursue cases of genocide and other crimes against humanity committed abroad. The bill includes a clause to halt current investigations, including the (More)
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