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UN calls for independent investigation into the death of ousted Egyptian President Morsi
Rupert Colville, spokesperson for the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights has called for an independent investigation into the detention and death of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi. Detained during trial, the Egyptian P (More)
Anti-Gay Bias Has No Place in Our Juries
The U.S. Supreme Court will soon consider whether to hear the case of Charles Rhines, who claims that the South Dakota jury that sentenced him to death harbored anti-gay bias. Such bias has no place in our criminal justice system because “our law pun (More)
Confidence Not Complacency Regarding the Human Rights Challenges in Yemen and the UAE
The ends should not justify the means when it comes to the protection of basic human rights in Yemen and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Severe challenges to the peace and stability of these regions along with overarching transnational terrorism thre (More)
UAE pardons British citizen sentenced to life in prison
United Arab Emirates (UAE) President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan pardoned 785 prisoners on Tuesday, including a British citizen who had been sentenced to life in prison last week.  The pardon came on the UAE's National Day, in which the governmen (More)
Amnesty reports torture of detained Saudi activists
Amnesty International (AI) reported on Tuesday that Saudi Arabia is arbitrarily detaining and torturing human rights activists. According to the report, Saudi authorities have been arbitrarily detaining activists, including women, in the Dhahban P (More)
HRW condemns alleged inhumane arrests and torture by Palestinian authorities
Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Tuesday released a report alleging detainment and torture of journalists within areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas, which encompass the West Bank and Gaza Strip, bordering Israel. The PA and ri (More)
Sotomayor expresses concern over solitary confinement as Supreme Court declines to hear case
US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor voiced alarm Tuesday over the current use of solitary confinement as the court declined to hear a case challenging the practice. Although she agreed with the decision to not hear this case, the justice expr (More)
Turkish Trial of Lawyers is a Mockery of Justice
After being detained for one year, the court released 17 lawyers held in custody in Turkey, but it was short-lived. Their release was pending on the final outcome of the trial, but within 24 hours of that decision, judges already started to reverse c (More)
Egypt court acquits police officers of torturing and murdering prominent lawyer
An Egyptian high court acquitted two police officers on Sunday who were accused of torturing and killing a prominent lawyer, Karim Hamdi, while he was in custody. Hamdi was arrested on suspicion of being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a grou (More)
Amnesty: Egypt's use of solitary confinement amounts to torture
Amnesty International (AI) released a report on Monday detailing new research that reveals individuals who are detained on politically-motivated charges in Egypt are being held in conditions that amount to torture. AI's report, "Crushing humanity (More)
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